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The Easiest Way to Declutter Your Bathrooms (with Free Printable Decluttering Calendar)

by Contributing Author

Clean up your bathroom with my free printable decluttering calendar and have your bathroom and linen closet completely decluttered by the end of the month!

Hair products organized in bathroom cabinet

Are you ready to tackle your bathroom and linen closet? These spaces aren’t usually that big, but they can get surprisingly cluttered (in our house anyway!), so this month we’re going to improve it. To do.

If you’ve never taken part in monthly challenges before, the goal is to take one area of ​​your home and break it down into small, tidy baby steps that are easy to manage and stick to, yet still look great. It’s about getting results. !

well organized garage

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how to organize a bathroom

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Whether you have one or more bathrooms in your home, this month’s challenge makes it easy to get rid of everything you don’t need and put the remaining items back in order. By the end, you might find yourself looking for an excuse to hang out in the bathroom…who knew?!

Click the button below to get your bathroom tidy calendar.

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Download Tidy Calendar and you’ll notice a few things.

Top view of printable bathroom tidy calendar

I have a simple task to complete every other day.

I know life can be crazy and schedules can fill up. So by assigning tasks to him every other day, it basically takes him two days to complete each task. That way, if he’s too busy and misses a day, or has a lot of certain items and it’s taking a little longer than expected, he’ll have a built-in his day to catch up on and not be late.

There is no date on the calendar for some reason.

I intentionally left out certain days from the calendar. The calendar for October is from the 1st to the 31st, but he didn’t include the line “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.” So that the calendar can be used for any year (or for that matter any month).

Feel free to use this calendar as a guide.

If you have extra time one day and know you’re going to be busy in the future, make sure you do at least two tasks a day, check them off, and pick them up again after the busy day is over. can. The calendar is there to get you on the right track and remind you what to do next. It doesn’t have to be a hard and fast rule.

Simple tips for organizing your bathroom

I thought I’d lay out a process I like to use when decluttering my bathroom. can.

Master bathroom with white vanity and wood-framed mirror

1. Collect all items from the category of the day.

There are many small cabinets and drawers in the bathroom, so things can easily get cluttered. wherever! (Especially if you have a little one who is still learning how to put things back in place…not that kind of thing here… 😉)

Guest bathroom with white vanity and aqua bath mat

I find it easiest to explore and collect everything from the Clean up for the day category, so you can see all your items in one place. That way you can determine if something is too much and you can more easily decide what to get rid of.

2. Get organized like crazy!

If your home is like mine, I sometimes find the craziest things in our bathroom drawers and cabinets! This is the perfect time to remove it. You can either throw it away if it’s expired, broken, or worn out, or donate/sell it if it might help someone else.

3. Organize and put items back together.

The beauty of organizing by category is that once you’ve removed everything you don’t need, you can easily see what’s left and what container size/shape (if needed) is best to enclose your items. .

The drawer in the bathroom vanity is deep and narrow, so I put a trash can in the drawer to sort things and keep things from falling over.

For bathroom cabinets, I try to maximize space by utilizing stacking drawers and open front bins. of garbage bins are not stacked. So it’s easy to avoid using those items or simply put them back in the cabinet instead of putting them back in place over time.

Organize toilet paper in stacking bins, cleaning caddy

What if the linen closet is too small?

Oh, the linen storeroom. Most linen closets aren’t big, but the closets in our current homes are especially small. (Even smaller than the one we had in our townhouse!) It’s actually only half deep and not even a full closet!

Small organized linen closet in laundry room

It’s so small that the only space in the linen closet space is to store towels, so it was tricky. I now put my sheets in a cute trash can in my room’s closet. Each bed has two sets of sheets. The set I currently have on my bed and a spare set in the closet trash can. that’s it.

Master closet with sheets in wire bins

you can find our extra sheets wire bin on the bottom shelf of the closet.

In our old house, we also kept medicines in the linen closet because we read that bathroom humidity was not optimal for medicines. The linen closet in our current home just didn’t have the space to do that, so we also use medicinal jars on a few extra shelves in the closet.

Medicines and first aid supplies organized in aqua storage bins

4. Treat yourself!

Once you’ve completed all your tidying tasks, you’ll feel a little more motivated if you promise yourself a reward. You can decide on rewards using the Notes section of the organization calendar. Some ideas…

  • A special date night with your significant other (especially if you helped with the cleanup process)
  • Or special family trips to zoos, museums, trampoline parks, movies and more if the whole family is on board. It will be fun.
  • manicure/pedicure
  • Women’s Association
  • holidays at your own pace

The possibilities are endless! Pick something that will keep you motivated throughout the month.

5 ways to keep your bathroom clean and tidy

You’ve worked so hard to declutter your bathroom, and the last thing you want to do is fill it with even more clutter. I know this can be difficult, especially if you have small children who struggle to put things back in their place.

Master bathroom with white vanity and wood-framed mirror, Sherwin Williams rainwash paint color

Some ideas to help the whole family put their items back together:

  • involve them in the organizing process And let me consider where things should go, especially in my own bathroom. This gives them some ownership of the space and makes them more likely to put things back together.
  • Use labels. i use mine Cricut Explore Cutting Machine I love labeling many of my bathroom trash cans This handheld label maker likewise.
  • Make bathroom work straight into your daily routineThis is something we’ve been working on for a long time at our house, but I feel like the boys are finally getting used to it! We tried to make a habit of hanging our towels every morning (use hooks instead of towel bars to make this a little easier). After brushing your teeth, rinse the sink/makeup counter to keep it clean.
  • tidy up regularlyOld cosmetics, expired medicines, and half-used toiletries can pile up over time. Check inventory every few months and discard if necessary.
  • avoid overbuyingHair and beauty products are tempting, but to minimize clutter, buy these items only when you really need them.

that’s it! It’s a simple process, but I’ve found that having a guide like the Organization Calendar makes me more likely to follow a plan step-by-step and stick to it.

Bathroom Organization: Frequently Asked Questions

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The easiest way to organize your bathroom

Which organizational theme would be most helpful for your upcoming monthly challenges? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Decluttering!

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here for more details.

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