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The Brilliant Amazon Find That Creates Utensil Storage Space Out of Thin Air

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There’s a hard truth to face about kitchen drawers. Drawers aren’t made to hold everything you want in them. But don’t worry, you’re not alone! Most people’s kitchen drawers aren’t tall enough to comfortably fit a soup ladle or whisk. They really only have space for utensils and maybe a few long spoons or knives. If so, we will be happy to help you find a better place.

Utensil urns are certainly stylish, but they’re not ideal if you only have one utensil holder on your countertop. They get overcrowded too easily, and if you try to grab just one tool, the rest will pop out. Dedicated space for each counter, like this rotating under-counter gadget, keeps your counters looking neat and easy to access your tools. Thankfully, you get the same great features (and better portability) without having to mount anything under your cabinets. This standing rack has enough hooks to hold all your large utensils and a quick drawer free.

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This gadget has 8 hooks that rotate for easy access to all your spatulas, strainers, ladles and salad serving tongs. The base is weighted to prevent heavy utensils from toppling over, and the bottom is covered with a non-slip mat so the whole thing stays in place when you rotate your kitchen tools.Plenty of space between the hooks so you can use all of them so you can keep your most bulky utensils out of your drawers on one rack many tool).

In my apartment’s cramped galley kitchen, I like to keep this by the stove so I have the right tools at my fingertips when I need them. not. The stainless steel construction is easy to wipe clean, so your finish color, whether silver or black, will shine brightly after years of use.

Amazon shoppers have nothing but good things to say about this rotating utensil rack, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Like many of our favorite kitchen appliances, this product lives up to its promise with its simple design and quality construction. That’s exactly what we want. One reviewer wrote: It’s a very practical yet beautiful addition to your kitchen. Another reviewer showed off how to double her cookware on each hook. This means that you can actually use this to hold. 16 tools. Even the largest earthenware pot does not fit.

Give your kitchen drawers a break. Dishes can be organized in one convenient place. Once you see how game-changer this spinning rack is, you’ll never go back.

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