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The Best Mattress Pads and Protectors You Can Buy Right Now

by Contributing Author

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Mattresses are the unsung heroes of our lives. They help us get the rest we need early in the morning, help us relax after a long day at work, and are there for us when we need it most (while watching a ton of Netflix, A sofa alone is not enough).So why do we invest in a good mattress and do nothing to maintain that quality for as long as possible? something to protect it. That’s where mattress protectors and pads come into play. Yes, it’s not the most sexy purchase, but it’s what you need if you value bedtime a little more.

Mattress pads and protectors are different than the toppers already on your bed that make your sleep more comfortable and fluffy. Think of a pad or protector as a safety layer around your mattress made to keep out water, dirt, and anything else that could damage your mattress. dust mites. These items should be a must in your home, especially if you have children or perhaps a new puppy. Think about all possible accidents and spills in the future. These layers are also useful when moving. It keeps dirt, grime and allergens from sticking to your bed, and wards off creepy crawly creatures that might inhabit your moving truck (just saying!). Plus, how nice would it be to simply throw the pad in the washing machine instead of scrubbing and bleaching the entire mattress?

Another very important reason to get a mattress protector: Liquids can destroy the foam of your mattress, so any stains will void your warranty. So, if for no other reason than to protect your investment, buying a mattress pad is wise. We can thank you later for the warning.

After testing a variety of mattress pads and protectors ourselves, our editors narrowed down a list of truly great options that fit your budget and lifestyle perfectly. Check out below.

best mattress pads and protectors

Things to Consider When Buying a Mattress Pad

The mattress pad is there to protect the mattress, generously It’s an investment of time and money, so there are a few things to keep in mind when making a purchase. The key is deciding how to protect your mattress, and what it actually protects. A mattress pad can help. After all, with a mattress pad, you’re going to be pretty comfortable.

waterproof: Many mattress covers are water resistant, but if you have young children or pets sleeping with you, or just want to enjoy a glass of wine in bed, you should look for a waterproof mattress protector. That way, you can protect your mattress from dirt and things you don’t want to sleep on every night. Not to mention that damp mattresses can lead to mold and bacteria growth. If you want a fully waterproof mattress pad, look for options made without phthalates, PVC, vinyl, or other potentially harmful chemicals. We’ve found three great options that aren’t treated with chemicals to make them more waterproof.

Hypoallergenic: The mattress pad prevents allergens such as dirt, dander, and dust mites from settling on the mattress, making it comfortable even for people with sensitive skin. There are also mattress protectors designed to keep bed bugs out. This could be enough information for all of us to find our own personalized mattress pad. See packaging styles for the most effective hypoallergenic mattress protectors. A mattress that zips completely around the perimeter (rather than tightening the top like a fitted sheet) and has a tightly woven fabric is the most effective at repelling dust mites and their waste. increase. Another rule of thumb is to wash your mattress pad (and other bedding) in hot water once a week if you have severe allergies.

Temperature control: Whether it’s hot or cold, you can get a more comfortable sleep with our mattress pad. Heat sleepers should look for breathable materials such as cotton, wool, bamboo, and eucalyptus lyocell, and avoid polyester, which traps heat. Also keep in mind that if you are prone to night sweats, a mattress pad can help keep your mattress fresh.

There are two types of mattress pads: one that fits like a fitted sheet, and one that wraps around the mattress. The most common type is the fitted sheet style mattress pad. So everything on the list is in that style. These are easy to find and clean as you just pull them out of the mattress, but they leave the bottom of the mattress exposed. If you have severe allergies or want ultimate protection from bed bugs and other pests, consider a zippered protector that completely covers your mattress.

There are several material and fiber certifications to look out for when purchasing any type of bedding, including mattress pads.

What we look for in a mattress pad

We tested a variety of mattress pads on our list and judged them according to the following criteria.

If you’re hot and can’t sleep, or need complete silence to get the rest you need, the Saatva Waterproof Mattress Protector is perfect for you. Charlie, Apartment Therapy’s Executive Lifestyle Director tested this model and said, “It’s very quiet under the fitted sheet, very breathable and easy to wash. Win, win!” This is probably due to the ultra-thin polyurethane material that protects against liquids while allowing airflow at the same time. Plus, this mattress pad comes in a variety of size options, is finished with a comfortable cotton backing, and has an elastic band that fits and holds its shape on any mattress. “Considering the quality of this mattress pad, I think the price is great,” says Charlie. “I strongly recommend it!”

Best for: Those who are sensitive to sleep. People with pets or children. Those looking for a quiet mattress protector.

Good to know: Micro-perforations in this mattress protector help air flow and increase breathability.

This affordable and extremely comfortable pad from INGALIK fits mattresses 8 to 21 inches thick with its elastic fit and firm snug fit. According to the brand, it’s made from 100 percent moisture-wicking cotton, which can add a soft feel to your bed and can fluff up to 1.5 inches. So choose and be even more comfortable. “We recently purchased a boxed mattress and didn’t know about its firmness. Adding an INGALIK mattress protector was really the perfect solution,” says Nicole, AT Advertising Operations Coordinator. “This makes a firm mattress softer and more comfortable. I think this is a great option for those who want to add a softer feel without buying a new mattress.” Plus, it’s fully machine washable. You can, and it dries quickly. It wins equally well for people who like cleanliness and people who hate housework.

Best for: Those who want to save money on quality mattress pads. Those looking for a softer mattress pad. Those who need a mattress pad and topper combination.

Good to know: To extend the life of this mattress pad, rotate it on your mattress after washing.

For those who are not shy about investing in sleep and their home, this high-end mattress protector should definitely be added to your must-have list. The Cozy Earth Bamboo Mattress Pad is made from his 100% viscose derived from bamboo which is highly breathable and wicking, making it an ideal choice for heat sleepers or those who live in hot areas. As an Oprah favorite, the brand name may also look familiar. Senior commerce editor Alicia tested this pad on two of her mattresses of different sizes and it fit on each. “I love how smooth it feels and how it stays in place when my boyfriend and I sleep,” she says. “I think it’s a great protector. Probably the best protector I’ve owned.”

Best for: Hot and sleepy people. People who live in humid climates. If you want your mattress protector to last longer.

Good to know: Due to the deep pockets, we recommend checking the dimensions of this protector prior to purchase to ensure a snug fit on your mattress.

The machine washable Legend Hotel Waterproof Mattress Pad is perfect for homes with accident-prone pets and children. Fully waterproof, the inner and outer layers are made of cotton and polyfill for a leak-free finish. Executive lifestyle director Charlie said the model “exceeded” her expectations.

“The quality and fit were great, and when I slid it into the mattress, I felt even more protected, especially from pets. I appreciated that confidence,” she says. “It’s very comfortable to put under the fitted sheet, and it creates an extra soft layer, which you don’t always expect with a traditional mattress pad.”

Best for: People with children or pets. Those who need a protector for slim mattresses.

Good to know: According to Charli, the mattress protector maintains its quality after washing. However, it takes longer to dry. “It took her two and a half runs of the dryer to get it to dry properly,” she says. “I hope I don’t have to wash as often as my bedding!”

This Serta mattress pad comes with an added bonus – a heating feature. The protector has he 10 different temperature settings so you can feel comfortable and toasty to your liking. In addition, the cover has an automatic shut-off timer for safe use at all times. Note: The Queen and King models come with dual heaters and his two remote controls for a customizable experience on either side of the bed.

“I love that it has dual zone temperature capability,” says Tara, Senior Director of Special Projects at AT. “My husband and I have tested multiple variations of temperature/intensity levels and the temperature difference between the two sides was evident. I can see this product being a big hit in the cooler months. Can’t wait to continue using it I can’t.”

Best for: People who sleep cold. someone who shares a bed. For those looking for the perfect mattress protector for the cooler months.

Good to know: Queen and King sizes have dual zone temperature settings.

Looking for an eco-friendly addition to your bed? This My Green mattress protector is made from 100% organic cotton and GOLS Organic Factory. The double-layer construction of GOTS-certified materials protects against dust mites, allergens and moisture. “I really like this mattress protector because it doesn’t make the mattress smell like dogs. says Megan. .

She says the protector helped keep her furry friend’s sweat and wet marks off. “I saw some reviews saying it was noisy, but I don’t think so. With a fitted sheet, it’s no more noisy than a regular bed,” she added. “The cotton feels smooth to the touch and is tightly woven. Fresh out of the box, there was no weird chemical smell (although I recommend washing before first use, but I don’t. bottom).”

Best for: Are you looking for an eco-friendly mattress pad? People with pets and children.

Good to know: These mattress protectors are not preshrunk. For best fit, wash before use and adjust to intended size.

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