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The Best Marble Counter Alternative

by Contributing Author

When it came to kitchen renovations, I was initially pretty adamant about using real marble for the countertops and slab backsplashes. Love A soul attached to natural materials that age and patina over time. But after some serious thinking, I quickly realized that having a toddler at our feet and the fact that this wasn’t our forever home meant we weren’t at the marble stage of life.Case in point: My 2-year-old excitedly called me into the kitchen the other day to show me how he used ripe, juicy blueberries to paint “snake trails” all over the counter – ha). Marble is, after all, a porous material, and even if properly sharpened, it gets etched and smudged very easily.

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{“Mom, look at that blueberry snake!”}

In this case, longevity and resale were key factors in our decision making. It takes years of regular use to get the beautiful patina marble look. These first few etchings hurt and stand out like thumbs, but over time they start to tell a story. I have no intention of sticking to it.

Thus began my search for the best marble countertop replacements on the market. Like, I’m no gatekeeper, so if you’re looking for the best marble countertop replacement, look no further than Hanstone Quartz. Montauk finish.

It has incredible depth and a moderate amount of veins in a completely random pattern inherent in real marble. It has already fooled nearly everyone who has walked through our homes into thinking it is real. some) have endured. I love that it gives the exact marble look I’m after. Any grey-haired.

Going forward, it will be my go-to for all client projects facing the same dilemma. This is the solution you want to have in your pocket going forward.

for all For kitchen sources (including paint colors), scroll down to the bottom of this post.

Thanks to Hanstone for partnering with me on this project. It means the world and it’s an honor to have their products in our homes.

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