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The Best Interior Design Trends for 2023

by Contributing Author

photograph: Harris Kenger | | design: Heidi Kairie

I Love When I put together these “interior design trends” posts every year, I like to preface my posts with a warning that I hate trends. know. It feels counterintuitive. But I believe- more and more with each passing year – That your home should truly be a reflection of each person. If you like it, please go there. If you can’t stand it, that’s perfectly fine. Who am I in the grand scheme of things, TRUElet me know what works for you.

There are so many things that inspire me these days that I can make this post a million years longer. But when designing for myself and my clients I prefer to stick to the classics so things don’t go out of style too quickly below is his 2023 that I personally like The interior is trending in his design. The best part is that each is rooted in timeless elements.The following design trends are undoubtedly hot these days, but should be used carefully and deliberately (maybe not all at once). If you do, I don’t think anything will immediately feel outdated.

PS: Check out my Interior Design Trends post. 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016.All of them were the most watched that year and I still subscribe to nearly all of them

checkerboard floor

Photos and designs: jean stoffer design

Photos and designs: bell design group

plate wall

Photos and designs: studio maggie

Photos and designs: studio maggie

pattern on pattern

Photos and designs: Anna Booth

Photos and designs: Clary Bobbyshell

dark wood

Photos and designs: By purpose

design: Chused & Co. | | Photo: Jeff Holt

Photos and designs: Kaitlyn Fleming

Berry Hughes

Photos and designs: amber interior

Photos and designs: Tiffany Lee

pot rail

Photos and designs: Weath Home

Photos and designs: Devor Kitchens

photograph: Lauren Miller | | design: Ashley Montgomery Design

dark kitchen

Photos and designs: Alecia Stevens interior

Photos and designs: becca interior

Photos and designs: moore house design


Photos and designs: studio maggie

photograph: Erin McGuinn | | Design: moore house design

patterned curtains

Photos and designs: Ashley Montgomery Design

Photos and designs: rain & rain

photograph: William Jess Laird | | design: amber interior

crazy wallpaper

Photos and designs: Studio Homestead

Photos and designs: lily taylor interior

Photos and designs: Bria Hummel interior

There it is. My predictions for the best interior design trends for 2023. Anything you like? Anything you think I might have missed?

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