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The Best Home Remedies for Insomnia Ayurvedic

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If you’re having trouble sleeping, or if you’re constantly sleeping for short periods of time before waking up, you likely have insomnia. It is a state in which you wake up after a short sleep. It can be helpful to consider using insomnia ayurvedic home remedies when any symptoms occur.

Insomnia can be caused by significant lifestyle changes, unhealthy sleep habits, and more. Doctors say we need eight hours of sleep each day, but most people still don’t sleep that long. Regular sleep is important to live a quality life. While you sleep, your body does many important things. Sleep helps remove infections and injuries and repair bad cells.

A good night’s sleep will keep you active during the day. Not treating insomnia in its early stages can lead to mental health disorders that are much more difficult to treat. You can learn more about Ayurvedic home remedies for insomnia by reading further.

What is insomnia according to Ayurveda?

Sleeping is natural and it is normal for everyone to sleep. Natural sleep is important, but some people find it difficult. Some people wake up quickly after sleep and find it difficult to continue. Insomnia is the inability to sleep. If it continues for a long time, it can cause some damage to the nervous system.

The human body needs sleep to function. In Ayurveda, kapha humor plays a role in bringing healthy rest to the body. Insomnia can occur when pitta dosha and vata humor replace kapha. People with active minds who find it difficult to fall asleep have vata insomnia. Symptoms of pitta insomnia include anger, body pain, and sadness.

Common Causes of Insomnia

There are several causes of insomnia. Regular sleep deprivation can lead to insomnia, so hypervigilance can also cause this condition. Common causes of insomnia are discussed below.


The human body responds deeply to stress. Stress can lead to sleep disturbances and, in the long run, insomnia. If you are dealing with a traumatic situation, you may experience post-traumatic stress disorder.

bad sleep schedule

Most people’s body systems follow a sleep pattern of working during the day and sleeping at night. When your sleep schedule no longer follows its rhythm, changes can occur in your body. In the long run, such situations can lead to insomnia.


Having unhealthy habits and lifestyles increases your risk of insomnia. It can stimulate your brain from morning to night and cause sleep problems. To avoid sleep disturbances, you should stop working late at night and use less electronic devices. Sleeping too much in the afternoon can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Situations like this can throw off your sleep schedule and put you at risk for insomnia.

illness of the body

Pain anywhere in the body can make it difficult to fall asleep. Even if you are sleepy, you may feel uncomfortable. If you have body ailments, you should buy a mattress with good pressure distribution. Another health complication that can lead to insomnia is diabetes. If you have symptoms of diabetes, you should consult your doctor and start treatment immediately.

mental disorder

Conditions such as anxiety and bipolar disorder can cause sleep disturbances.A recent study found that up to 40% of people with insomnia mental illnessIf these conditions are not managed, they can lead to negative thoughts and disrupt your sleep schedule.

Short-Term Ayurvedic Remedies for Insomnia

Several short-term Ayurvedic remedies can be used to reduce stress and cure insomnia. These short-term remedies will not cure insomnia completely, but can be used to manage the condition for a while. I will explain.

Take calming herbal supplements

For a good night’s sleep, you should consider taking herbal supplements. It’s not easy to relax when you have too much vata. Reducing stress in the brain is important. Otherwise I can’t sleep. Some of the best sleep-inducing Ayurvedic herbs are Brahmi, Vacha, Sarganda and Jatamash.

drink warm milk before bed

Milk helps you sleep better. Milk components include tryptophan and amino acids. These two are converted to serotonin, which helps the brain to calm down and function well. For better results, you can include nutmeg in your milk. Almonds and cardamom.

Long-Term Ayurvedic Remedies for Insomnia

Long-term treatments with minimal side effects can be used to permanently cure insomnia. You may not see immediate results with these remedies, but you will see positive changes in the long run. The best long-term Ayurvedic remedies for insomnia are discussed below.

Ayurvedic remedies like Shirodhara

Ayurvedic remedies like Shirodhara effectively treat sleep disorders. Shirodhara can be used to calm and relax the human body and improve sleep quality. Since it is a treatment, all instructions must be followed to expect great results.

Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle

Eating too much can make it difficult to sleep well. Another thing you shouldn’t do is eat too close to bedtime. Things like that make it almost impossible to fall asleep at the right time.

get to the root cause

Before treating insomnia with Ayurvedic methods, it is important to know the underlying cause. Different conditions can cause insomnia, so different methods are needed to treat it. By identifying the underlying cause, insomnia can be treated with proper Ayurvedic methods.

sleep hygiene

Practicing healthy sleep hygiene lowers your risk of insomnia. Healthy sleep hygiene can help improve sleep quality for both children and adults.

sleep ritual

You can always improve your sleep quality by following a good sleep ritual. Before going to bed, you should do a relaxing activity. These activities help your brain know that it’s time to relax.

yoga and meditation

To yoga practice, your body is rid of toxins. It lowers cortisol levels and reduces stress. In short, yoga helps prepare your body for quality sleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ayurvedic Treatment For Insomnia

Get to know the best home remedies for insomnia Ayurvedic methods in this article.

How to get a good night’s sleep with Ayurveda?

One of the main uses of Ayurvedic herbs is to cure sleep deprivation. Simply add a spoonful of Brahmi to a glass of water. You should also add a spoonful of ashwagandha to the glass. Bring the mixture to a boil and drink. At a minimum he should drink once a day for quick results.

Can insomnia be cured naturally?

One of the best ways to treat insomnia naturally is to make lifestyle changes. It may take some time to see results, but it is safe. If you like music, you can consider using soft music to sleep. Make sure you have a way to turn the music off when you’re in deep sleep.

Can Brahmi Treat Insomnia?

Yes, Brahmi can be used to treat insomnia. Brahmi not only helps you get a good night’s sleep, but it also helps you deal with emotional disturbances. You can also use Brahmi to focus whenever you are performing a task that requires your full attention. In some regions Brahmi is called Bacopa.

Which Ayurvedic Medicine Is Best For Sleep?

Many Ayurvedic medicines can be used to treat sleep disorders. They include Brahmi, Vacha, Aswagandha, Valerian and Jantamansi. Janta Mansi is an Ayurvedic medicine for deep sleep that increases neurotransmitter levels. Valerian, on the other hand, works by removing toxins in the blood, nerves and tissues. It would be helpful if you could mix it with something. Some essential oils can also be used to treat conditions.

Is Ashwagandha Good for Sleep?

Ashwagandha is widely known as one that can be used to promote sleep. You can also use ashwagandha whenever you have a stressful day. Another use of Ashwagandha is to reduce anxiety and fatigue in people.

How can I avoid sleepless nights due to insomnia?

Instead of using sleeping pills, you should consider using one of the insomnia Ayurvedic home remedies mentioned above. Test any of them to see if they help you sleep at night. Yes, you can also consult an experienced expert in Ayurvedic treatments.

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