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The Best Cookware For Every Cooking Occasion

by Contributing Author

I hate honking my horn, but I am a cookware enthusiast. Ok, I tend to be a connoisseur of most cooking supplies and tools, but today it’s all about cookware. I get a lot of questions about what

I’m not interested in ranking cookware because it’s like comparing apples and oranges. Comparing The Always Pan to my Wok of him doesn’t help at all. With that said, we’ve made a list of 10 cookware essentials that make everyday cooking absolutely fun, and thoroughly explained what they’re used for and why you can’t live without them. .

To be clear, this post is not sponsored. Really, I use this pan more than any other. It’s easy to wash, heats up quickly, has a comfortable handle and a non-toxic, non-stick coating. Use for a la carte dishes such as carrot glaze or garlic peas. But I also use it to cook complete individual meals in one pot…for breakfast, sausages, eggs and potatoes. For lunches, steaks, fried rice, and zucchini, the shape of the edges makes it easy to toss food without losing a bunch from the sides. It responds quickly to everything I want to do, so when I want to cook something quickly, this is the pan I reach for. It’s the Honda Accord in my cooking collection. It may not be flashy or gaudy, but it’s reliable, functional, and pretty.

The heat retention of cast iron is second to none. Enamel coating solves all the traditional cast iron maintenance problems. The downside, of course, is that cookware is no longer a source of iron in our diet (which is a reality – we use cast iron cookware to supplement our iron content), but the upside is that most people Durability, heat retention, capacity – I use it often for stews, soups, curries, pot roasts, whole roast chicken, and braises. Many moist heat cooking methods, but also great for large cuts of beef and poultry. I believe this dutch oven will do whatever it takes.

There is very little that cannot be cooked in a pot like this. We often talk about which pan to choose when space is limited.But if I had to choose just one pan, there’s only one in total, between this one and my cast iron dutch oven. But it’s versatile, and when cooking for 2-4 people, this will do whatever you need it to do. Perfect transitions for combination cooking (Bake a roast, finish in the oven, etc.).

I’ve had a similar set of these pots for 15 years. “My barkeeper friend will clean that pot in no time!”These things, tarnished or not, worked like a charm and are still my most used roasting pans. often to (should get that browned), and these pans handle better than coated sheets like the Our Place Oven Pan described below. That’s probably why I keep reaching for these over and over again.

This was a Christmas gift from Jules about 5 years ago and I still use it several times a week. If I had to pick just one pot, it would be this one. The 8-quart capacity is great for small groups (but we’re looking at the 12-quart, because we enjoy it often), and there’s not much you can’t cook with it. Originally sold as a pasta pot However, the strainer basket is now called a multipot because it can be used for more than just pasta. I use it to boil and strain potatoes for mashed potatoes, make a ton of stock, blanch vegetables, and of course strain pasta.

Another versatile cookware, the Perfect Pot has the same non-toxic, non-stick coating as all of Our Place and has more capacity. This is the only pan I use for rice, and the non-reactive surface makes it perfect for tomato sauces and acidic foods. I only use it and don’t come to work.

This is my favorite fried egg. Physical goods are high quality, non-toxic, and versatile. Vegetables, steaks, chicken, fried rice, and more can be cooked in this pot. But I usually only use it when I’m cooking the eggs first. I will finish it after making the dishes. So, this one is further down my list, but if space is limited, it’s definitely one of those pans to free up space.

This is a great baking sheet and really easy to clean up. I dare say it’s better than the old school baking sheets above, but I’m a creature of habit and haven’t quite made the shift to get to this in the first place. The sides are high, the non-stick coating is non-toxic, it works well, and it comes with a silicone baking mat. It also works as a griddle for frying eggs.

Jules bought me a set of copper cookware for Christmas a few years ago. Maybe it’s because they look so beautiful on the shelf, but I see them more as decoration than practical. Very sensitive. A pot is best used of all the pieces as boiling water heats up the fastest. I use it to boil or poach eggs, make a little soup for lunch or a sick child, heat or mix sauces, and occasionally put in a packet of ramen noodles. (ok, not occasionally)

Purists may come to me on this one, but I love these new hybrid cooking surfaces like the Black Cube and Hexclad. But it’s much easier to cook, clean up and maintain than carbon steel, especially in humid climates (high carbon he starts rusting in a day or two). This has been one of my favorite new breads of the last year and it’s been a blast breaking out. I’m here.

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