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The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals of 2023

by Contributing Author

Find the best 2023 Prime Day deals on kitchenware, cookbooks and more! If you want to add to your collection, now’s the perfect time to shop.

It’s Amazon Prime Day! Today and tomorrow, July 11th and 12th, 2023, there are great deals on kitchen appliances, cookware and more. For those looking for new kitchen items, here are some of the best kitchen items. Amazon Prime Day Deals under.

We also wanted to let you know that our cookbooks are now available at amazing prices. Considering adding simple and comforting food, Love & Lemon Every Day, again Love & Lemon Cookbook Now is the perfect time for your collection.

before you shop prime member To access these low prices (you can get a 30 trial if you don’t already have one!). For more information on our books and other Amazon Prime Day sales, keep reading.

5 of my favorite Amazon Prime Day deals

Love & Lemon Simple and comforting food

my latest cookbook simple and comforting food is now available $10 off. If you have your eye on this book and have not yet purchased it, now is the time to add it to your collection. It’s packed with recipes that are easy to make with ingredients you have on hand (like one-pot soups and sheet pan dinners), and recipes that are perfect for making ahead (like robust, portable salads and veggie lasagna). It is also packed with fun features that introduce seasonal summer ingredients, such as easy-to-use meal plans. whole zucchini And sweet corn harvested at the market. I hope you like it, especially at the lowest price.

The Vitamix blender is another Prime Day item you can’t miss, especially if you do a lot of plant-based cooking. I use this daily to make creamy smoothies, sauces, and soups. I use the Vitamix A3500 Ascent series in particular. $150 off right now! It offers 120 volts of power, 5 program settings and 10 different speed controls that can be controlled via a touchscreen or mobile phone app. This is one of the higher end Vitamixes, so what you get at this price is a real bargain.

If you were expecting the coveted KitchenAid Stand Mixer to go on sale on Prime Day, you’re in luck! $100 off Metallic chrome color. If you want to get a colorful one (like me) yellow one!), $70 off, but still a pretty good deal. You can use this mixer to make everything from cookies to bread, and even combine it with the nifty KitchenAid attachments to make pasta, ice cream, and more when needed. He’s one of the best times to get one for yourself.

The KitchenAid Stand Mixer can be even more useful with the addition of attachments. I used the ice cream maker attachment a lot this summer to make my favorite coconut vegan ice cream and vanilla ice cream. This attachment fits snugly into his mixer stand and makes whipping up sweet treats a breeze. Be sure to freeze the bowl beforehand. Now with $30 off, it’s the perfect opportunity to try making your own ice cream at home.

With a blender and whisk attachment, this handheld device works as a blender and whisk and is currently available at a great price. I found the blender attachment to be perfect for blending soups right in the pot. I’ve used other immersion blenders in the past, but struggled because they weren’t powerful enough to make the soup really smooth and creamy. It is very powerful and the whisk attachment is great for whipping creams by hand without hand cramping.

Other Amazon Prime Day deals we love

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