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The 16 Cutest Sneakers For Women This Spring (or Year-Round)

by Contributing Author

I mean. For as long as I can remember, my daily uniform has been jeans and sneakers. I usually mix it with a simple T-shirt, but I see him wearing jeans and sneakers almost every day. Years ago, I realized my joints hurt badly doing a lot of things around the house without proper leg support, so I started wearing sneakers every day. is a whole other story, but I wanted to collect a bunch of the cutest sneakers women wear this spring (or all year round if you’re like me).

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I feel most productive when I wear good sneakers and lace them up. Like most working mothers, you need to maximize your productivity every day. Sneakers are my lifeline.

And at the risk of provoking many of you, I wear sneakers at home. There’s no one there and I don’t really care. My house, my rules!

I grew up in a “socks only” household! My parents had baskets of footwear to hand out to guests (embarrassing when friends come over). Wooden floors are much easier to clean!

Now let’s get into the fun part. Whoosh.

favorite sneakers

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I wear these 3 pairs every day.This autumn/winter I wore black adidas samba All the time, it felt like a natural progression. white pair for spring. they are very cute

my nike is in its third or fourth year and still has momentum. Luckily, I’m going to be on the ground, so the vintage sneaker look is really trending.

my new balance They are as thick as sneakers. I especially like it with leggings, but it’s also cute with jeans.

Here are so many cuties that I have or have my eye on.

cute sneakers for women

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1. courtney sneakers $34
2. Beige Chunky Sneakers $40
3. White Chunky Sneakers $40
Four. Erica sneakers $40 These are almost identical to another target pair I have!
Five. new balance 237s $55
6. black adidas samba $66 My Proven.
7. white adidas samba $69 Tried in white.
8. Sorel Kinetic Sneakers $74 I have a pair of Sorels similar to this and love them. They do sneakers very well.
9. Reebok Classic Nylon Sneakers $75
Ten. new balance 574s $85
11. Club C Revenge Shoes $85
12. converse high top $89
13. new balance CT302 $89 Teases me with the color of this pair.
14. Nike Air Max Excie $90
15. nike blazer $100
16. new balance 9060s $149 You will never fall in love with this pair.

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