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The 14 Best Grill Tools For Your Next Backyard BBQ

by Contributing Author
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Every summer I look forward to lighting up the grill for the first cookout of the season. Whether it’s grilled chicken sandwiches, grilled corn on the cob, or summer staples like burgers and hot dogs, it’s no secret that I love grilled food. Grilling recipes are great for quick weeknight dinners and can keep your home cool when the weather is hot (win-win!). With the best grilling tools by your side, you can expand your grilling repertoire to include all types of grills. delicious food.

I recently Kamado Joe Classic Joe IIuses charcoal to give your food a rich, smoky flavor, but you can get equally delicious results on a propane grill like this one. Weber Spirit II E-310, is the perfect size for a family. No matter what kind of grill you use, you also need the best grilling tools to make barbecue easy.

To get you ready for summer, we’ve put together a list of 14 must-have grilling supplies, including the best grill sets, meat thermometers, and grill brushes.

I recommend:

  1. Best meat thermometer: ThermoPro Digital Meat Thermometer – $16.99 at Amazon
  2. Best grill set: Weber Precision Grill 3 Piece Set – $46.99 at Amazon
  3. Best Meat Tenderizer: OXO Good Grip Easy Care Blade Meat Tenderizer$22.95 at Amazon
  4. Best pizza stone: Emile Henry Glazed Pizza Stone – $69.95 at Amazon
  5. Best griddle: Blackstone 1813 Portable Flat Griddle – $219.98 at Amazon
  6. Best burger press: Cuisinart Smash Burger Press – $19.99 at Amazon

Best Grill Tool Reviews

1. Best meat thermometer: ThermoPro Digital Meat Thermometer

A good meat thermometer can mean the difference between perfectly grilled protein and tough, chewy, overcooked meat. I personally use this digital thermometer from his ThermoPro (highly recommended). Get accurate readings in just 3-4 seconds. Because who wants to hold their hand over a hot grill longer than necessary?

It features a large, easy-to-read backlit display that automatically rotates to fit the way you hold it. Very convenient and easy to clean.

2. Best grill set: Weber Precision Grill 3 Piece Set

No matter what you’re grilling, there are some essential tools you’ll need. One of his most trusted brands in the grilling world, Weber’s grill set has it all. I have never been disappointed with their product.

This 3-piece set includes a spatula, grill tongs, and a basting brush with a long handle to keep your hands away from the heat. I love that the spatula is chamfered on all three sides, which makes it easy to get under food, and all parts are dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to clean.

3. Best Meat Tenderizer: OXO Good Grip Easy Care Blade Meat Tenderizer

The key to super tender grilled chicken? This easy-to-use tenderizer from OXO has been a complete game changer when it comes to making my favorite grilled chicken sandwich. The spring press system makes it easier to use and safer for your fingers. It also helps the meat absorb the marinade better. Seriously, don’t skip this step before grilling.

4. Best Pizza Stone: Emile Henri Glaze Pizza Stone

I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t want to heat my oven up to 500 degrees to bake pizza in the summer. This pizza stone is useful at such times! It can be used on any kind of grill and is safe up to 900 degrees, so you can easily cook homemade pies in your backyard. No pizza oven needed. Must try with my favorite margherita pizza. It’s an easy yeast-free dough and the smoky flavor from the grill is so delicious.

5. Best Griddle: Blackstone 1813 Portable Flat Griddle

Smash tacos and hamburgers, all Very quick and easy to make using a flat iron plate. This propane-fueled model from Blackstone is a great compact option when you don’t want to keep full-size appliances on your deck anymore, and it provides plenty of space for cooking for the whole family. My husband has been eyeing it for a long time!

The portable griddle has two burners and a lid is handy if you want to speed up the cooking process. (It also helps keep the grill clean when it’s not in use.) In addition to smash burgers, it’s great for cooking delicate patties and sides like a salmon quinoa burger that would crumble on a regular grill. Also perfect for like smashed potatoes.

6. Best Burger Press: Cuisinart Smash Burger Press

Speaking of smash burgers, the easiest way to make a perfectly flat, slightly crunchy patty is with a burger press like this one. Made by Cuisinart (one of my favorite brands of his), this press is made from cast iron, so it’s heavy and flattens burgers, fries, and more with ease. Here are some pro tips for using it: Cooking Sheet Tuck it between the presses to keep it from sticking.

7. Best Grill Brush: Grill Rescue BBQ Replacement Scraper

For the best flavor and the least amount of burnt marks, we recommend cleaning the grill after each use. My husband loves using this safe option for grill rescue over using anything that can shed hairs and end up in food. Use steam to gently remove any remaining residue. Simply preheat your grill, dip a brush in water, and watch the oil and dirt wash away. Additionally, there is a handy scraper on the front edge for stubborn dirt.

8. Best Grill Basket: Crate & Barrel Square Grill Basket

If you’re grilling vegetables, shrimp, or other small items, the grill basket will be your best friend. I especially like this stainless steel design from Crate and Barrel. It’s big enough for a few servings and inexpensive enough that you can buy several to prepare a variety of dishes. The small holes give a good browning while keeping food from falling out.

9. Best Spatula: OXO Good Grip Grill Turner

If you’re looking for a new grill spatula, you can’t go wrong with this spatula from OXO Good Grills. This turner is specially designed for grilling and features a long handle and double bend shape for more effective leverage. The chamfered edges make scooping burgers easier, and the fact that it’s dishwasher safe is a bonus in my opinion.

10. Best tongs: OXO Good Grip 12 Inch Stainless Steel Locking Tongs

Sturdy grill tongs are a must-have for flipping foods like steak and grilled pineapple. These OXO Good Grip Tongs are long enough to keep your hands warm while you work. It has drainage holes to help prevent flare-ups when cooking juicy foods, and is strong enough to easily flip large cuts of meat. Plus, it locks so you can easily store it in your kitchen drawer, no matter how messy it gets.

11. Best Basting Brush: OXO Good Grip Grill Basting Brush

You may have a regular pastry brush for baking, but the grill basting brush has a slightly different design. This favorite from OXO has a fairly long handle to help you reach meat deep in the grill, and it’s filled with heat-resistant silicone bristles so you can brush sauces and marinades in a few quick strokes. can do. The angled head raises the bristles when the brush is on the counter. How clever!

12. Best Smart Thermometer: meter plus

With the Meter Plus, grilling is virtually effortless. This smart meat thermometer syncs with your phone so you can leave the thermometer directly in the meat as you cook on the grill (or in the oven). The probe sends real-time temperature updates and also notifies you when cooking is complete, so you don’t have to worry about overcooking dinner. With a range of 165 feet, you can receive updates from another room. It’s especially useful for large cuts of meat that need to be grilled or smoked for a long time and you don’t want to keep track of them all the time.

13. Best Grill Caddy: Mr. Bar-BQ Adjustable Grill Caddy

There are a few items you’ll want to keep within reach while grilling, such as condiments and grilling tools, but you’d rather hide them all in a grill caddy like this than carry them out of the house by hand. is much easier. (that too wonderful Good to buy if you live in a condo and use a communal grill. )

This caddy can hold it all! It has generously sized compartments for salt, pepper and your favorite condiments, plus a built-in paper towel holder. The adjustable height allows you to hang your grilling tools from the side and the top handle makes it easy to carry to the grilling station.

14. Best Chimney Starter: Weber Rapid Fire Chimney Starter

It’s no secret that charcoal takes longer to start than propane, but with the Weber Rapid Fire Chimney Starter, the fuel burns quickly and has a surprisingly smoky flavor. This chimney starter he comes in two sizes, just plug it in. Get some charcoal briquettes and use a lighter or newspaper to light a fire under them. In about 20 minutes, you’ll have hot charcoal ready to pour onto your grill and start cooking.

It’s easy, arguably, and doesn’t require lighter fluid.

why you can trust me

I am the author and recipe developer of Skinnytaste. The site has hundreds of healthy recipes for you and your family (whether you like it or not). My goal is to sacrifice flavor to create healthier versions of classic foods, and that includes lots of lightened recipes for grilling. I love grilling seasonal whole foods available at my local grocery store or farmer’s market and am a firm believer that the best grilling tools can help you extend your grilling skills beyond the basics.

Many of the grill tools on this list are products I personally love and are highly rated options recommended by professional chefs, grill masters, and home grill enthusiasts.

Prices are correct at the time of publication.

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