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The 13 Home Projects on Our 2023 List

by Contributing Author

It’s time to share our annual list of household projects we have planned for 2023. Beyond setting family goals, personal goals, and financial goals, Chris and I take the time to come to the same page for everything we do. I want to do it at home! In 2022, we took a little detour from the official list, but still achieved a lot and celebrated every step of it. A new year, a new purpose, and many ways to learn and grow together!

1. Main bathroom and closet

The project I’m most excited about is definitely the bathroom and closet renovation! But the time has finally come (almost).

we are totally dazzled by working together unique kitchen and bath Show off your passion and talent for beautiful and functional cabinets. The design phase is underway, and we look forward to sharing more details about the process.

Since moving in, Chris and I have been creating possible floorplan solutions for this ensuite area.

It’s hard to tell from the pictures how narrow these Jack and Jill closets really are.

One big lesson we’ve learned in 2022 (the hard way) is don’t start demos until you have everything you need. There are already too many things that can derail your home renovation, and you want to avoid major pauses or delays as much as possible. So it’s at the top of the list, but it takes a while before any action occurs.

2. Purging and organizing the attic

Welcome to the attic! In last night’s love letter, I uncovered this messy cave with the goal of clearing out and sorting out all this before the month is over. Hmm!

I hope this cleaning will give you the momentum to clean other cluttered areas of your home (like the garage).

3. Living room skylights and beams

Once upon a time, I had a big dream to open up this fireplace wall and install a large arched window similar to what I did in my modern cottage. We have pivoted and kept the fireplace placement in case you missed it. No. What we really want is more light and I think with skylights we can do that in a better way. I am very much looking forward to seeing it become

I also found the most incredible colonial beam inspiration I can’t wait to share with you!

4. Cricket Room/Pool Bathroom

This takes the cake for the most photogenic space in our home. For now, it’s just a hobnob of vacuum cleaners, brooms, more clutter, and cricket stuff (which is more than you might think).

Since you already have an outdoor shower, this one is outfitted with a toilet, sink, and perhaps an under-cabinet spout for a cricket water bowl.Oh, and cabinet space for pool towels, of course!

5. Tile the back hallway

One thing I noticed after taking the cricket home is that this back hallway has an unusual amount of foot to foot traffic. There is a door to the cricket room/pool bathroom, two separate garage entrances, a small closet and a staircase leading to the bonus room. It’s also the area of ​​your home where hardwood floors expand and contract the most (if you look closely, you can spot gaps). To make life easier for us, we plan to extend the tiles we use in our pool bathroom into this back hallway!

Also, I would like to paint all the trim here. Maybe a glossy merlot? I can draw it

6. Clean the closet

This little closet, just off the swinging door, desperately needs some attention. I really needed a lot of space!

7. Patch the gym floor

In the last release, I was able to have enough FloorPops to patch the gym floor after removing the stairs! Add more mirrors? I don’t know. There’s already a lot of mirroring going on there, so time will tell. In addition to that, I feel that the possibility has expanded further by eliminating the stairs.

8. Add pocket doors and built-ins to your study

I turned my study into a dining space, Twice When I’m on vacation, I use it as my home office many times throughout the day. So we want to add pocket doors for the privacy and noise blocking we need.

To make this possible, we narrowed the case opening and meanwhile…

You can also add built-in cabinets and shelves on either side of the opening. There’s a coveted storage area for “ugly” office supplies like printers, filing cabinets, and paper shredders. I think this is the best way to save as many mirrors as possible.

9. Entry Trim

I haven’t yet found the exact trimming I want to do, but I know I want to add drama and character to my entry.

10. Landing Music Room

This landing at the top of the grand staircase could very well be the coolest space in the house! I want it to feel like a music box in my home.

11. Faye’s bedroom

We’ve spent some time in both Polly’s room and Greta’s room, but Fay’s room remains largely untouched. Aside from laying out new beds and rugs, I’ve been giving Faye the opportunity to discover what she envisions for her room. Together we’re leaning into the process to make this room special for her.This is her year!

12. Landscape Front Yard

No explanation needed, especially if you’ve seen the series of unfortunate events that took place in the sewers over the holiday season…

13.CLJ Studio

It’s been almost a year since we first announced we would be leasing an “unfinished” office space for our team. The process was not smooth and, in short, we ended up switching buildings and renting another space. We’ve been busy behind the scenes to get everything done and should be done by now!

about us Might be so This year:

The list is long, but if budget and time allow, here are a few low-priority things you might want to do.

replace windows and roof – All windows are original to the house and not very energy efficient. The seal is broken, and in the morning you can see cloudy condensation. As for the roof, it has been in rough condition since the day we moved in. I’d like to give it some more time to skate before I replace it. both…

playroom/game room – A newly removed staircase has us settled in this room. less likely), but I might add it to the list!

we probably is not This year we are doing:

In addition to the fact that I have never really “finished” a room, there are also some spaces that could be left untouched this year. Here’s that list… but never say never.

guest house

storage room

attic finishing

Polly and Faye’s “Jack and Jill” bathroom

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