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The 10 Best Colors to Pair With Mint Green

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More subtle than teal and warmer than sage, think of mint green as a cheerful and happy middle ground between these two shades. Hues are mostly found in the cold spectrum, but can still vary from light to dark. For a slightly more lively look, introduce a number of complementary tones such as orange, white, and navy to establish a pleasing contrast.

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up colors that go well with mint green, along with some designer tips on how to take it home.

1. Mint green and blond wood: peaceful and vintage

This Minneapolis kitchen feels light and airy thanks to cool mint cabinets and light wood countertops and floors. Blond wood has been in and out of fashion over the years, enhancing the cozy vintage feel of a gorgeous room.

2. Mint green and aubergine: modern and legal

I love how the mint sofa and matching armchairs in this Dutch living room contrast with the deep eggplant planters and lampshades. The color combination is unexpected, but works beautifully.

3. Mint & Mint: Monochrome Oasis

Too much mint? That’s not true!just take a look This cheerful North Carolina bedroom. Mint doors, walls and bathroom cabinets make the room cozy and inviting. Natural wood floors perfectly complement the monotone look.

4. Mint green and natural wood: a country classic

Mixing shades of mint green and brown just won’t do the trick, but introducing a natural shade of the latter is a whole different story. As can be seen from the bedroom of This Chicago houseThe muted colors lend a sophisticated personality when paired with a rustic wooden bed frame. To mimic this at home, avoid overly saturated wood finishes or anything that goes wrong with the dark side.

5. Mint green and black: Bold and refreshing

In 2017 this combination was called “the freshest color combination” and it still feels true. A sharp and unexpected contrast is what makes mint and black work so well, he says. Decorist designer Kate Spiro. “You can boldly incorporate patterned wallpaper into a black-accented space, or start small by layering mint green and black through art and accessories,” says Spiro. If you’re looking for something a little more warm, consider adding metallic finishes of bronze and gold to balance out your scheme.

6. Mint green and gray: scandic chic

If you’re aiming for a softer transition (compared to the intensity of black above), try combining mint with light gray. The neutral properties of stone or charcoal gray allow subtle greens to stand out without overpowering them. result? It’s a Scandinavian upscale look that exudes chic and understated, as evidenced by this velvet furniture combination.

7. Mint green and white: fresh elegance

White and mint green are a go-anywhere combination. If you’re looking for something more edgy, incorporate black as a depth-defining layer. “Mint green is old-world, yet down-to-earth and modern.” [in this context]says Spiro. “You can incorporate a lot of different colors that work well with this combination, or you can keep it simple and minimal.”

8. Mint green and silver: refined elegance

A little (or a lot) of silver adds a sophisticated touch to the mint green color. This Scottish hotel adds some gray elements to create an upscale feel, but you can reverse the look and opt for gray walls with mint green accent pieces.

9. Mint green and turquoise: cute and quirky

Think mint green and turquoise are too close to go together? Think again! This beautiful bathroom @boomhome Both shades are utilized, with mint green walls set against a delightful turquoise vanity. Area rugs cleverly bring the look together.

10. Mint Green and Peach: Bold Energy

Spiro says that mint green with orange and coral may seem bold, but the hues complement each other rather than overwhelm each other. “Sticking to more muted shades of these colors will definitely make the space feel more elevated,” she adds. Designers suggest avoiding oversaturated colors and introducing reddish tones and even deep wine reds to keep things alive.

11. Mint green and ice blue: bright and airy

This elegant combination is a surefire way to create a calm atmosphere. These colors put an advanced twist on the standard monochromatic scheme thanks to subtle variations in tone between blue and green. Designate ice blue for the walls (a slightly timeless hue that’s mostly neutral) and incorporate a touch of mint green through art, textiles, or custom upholstery.

12. Mint green and blush: playful charm

Pink and green are the perfect combination, and this pastel take on a classic from the natural world couldn’t be more refreshing. Experiment with different saturations of mint he greens to find the one that works best for your space. Designers love the idea of ​​using this shade to highlight built-in and shelving units, like this colorful LA home. Incorporate striking pieces in soft pinks and blushes, such as sofas and side tables, to close the deal.

13. Mint green and yellow: electric and eclectic

This punchy duo isn’t for the faint of heart, but they can make a firm statement. We love the idea that he implements the two with a whimsical mural much like the one found in this maximalist home in Cali. A saturated yellow between Sungold and lemon complements her mint green naturally.

14. Mint Green and Green: Tone Cool

Do you want to take a leap with an unstoppable monochrome scheme? The key to this piece is the combination of diverse greens that complement each other. When building your palette, think of it as an ombré and avoid shades that deviate from this general range and colors that are too bright or saturated. Taking design cues from this eclectic Spanish home, mint he green throws convey the cool vibe of the wallpaper while also contrasting with the bed’s dark green pillows.

15. Mint green and sky blue: Calm and calm

Here are some combos you can’t miss. When it comes to the similar combination of mint green and sky blue, the color combination possibilities may be almost endless. Not only do they work perfectly together, but this home in Buenos Aires is proof of that. A thoughtful combination of this duo is all it takes to evoke the soothing essence of the ocean in your home.

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