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Testing 15 Brass Cabinet Knobs to Find The Best!

by Contributing Author

I’ve been dying to do this test for quite some time! You can also provide some answers for enthusiasts. While on this hunt to find the best, I realized that there were too many good options to choose just one. There are many differences, including price. If you find yourself choosing hardware for cabinets, furniture and more, compare 15 brass cabinet knobs side by side.

Lineup of brass cabinet knobs


1. Amerok Polished Brass $2.97
2. antique brass cabinet knobs $21 (set of 4)
3. round knob $21 (set of 6)
Four. brushed brass knob $12 (set of 2)
Five. antique brass knobs $24 (set of 10)
6. Mushroom knob $7
7. mirror polished knob $12 (set of 4)
8. Amerok burnished brass $2
9. Adero Mushroom Knob $10
Ten. Cotswolds Van Knob $36
11. Tiazza Antique Bronze $16 (set of 4)
12. baldwin ball knob $15
13. vernon mushroom knob $14
14. hassallo cabinet knobs $32
15. ball cabinet knobs $20

One of my biggest design tips when increasing your renovation budget is to save money on cabinets and splurge on hardware. Fancy hardware can make your “self-painting”, or IKEA cabinets look like a million bucks.

All of them were grouped by similarity for further classification. Let’s take a closer look. It’s worth noting that I was shocked by the sheer weight of all this.

ball cabinet knobs

I’m pretty biased towards spherical knobs, ie spheres. I love how it looks and feels, and it’s usually my go-to knob shape.

From left to right.

1. ball cabinet knobs $20, 1.25 inch

This is my go-to cabinet knob. Solid solid brass, perfect size, shape and brass finish. I’ve used it both in my study and in my final bathroom, and I’m sure I’ll use it again because it remains classic. My only criticism is that it’s often sold out.

2. baldwin ball knob $15, 1 inch

When the rejuvenation knobs are sold out, I use my second favorite round knobs from a closet renovation. Still stunning and a great option.

3. round knob $21 (set of 6), 1 inch

This price is unbelievably good. I might actually prefer the more pinkish tone of this round knob to his second knob. It’s made of zinc and plated with brass, which I think explains the fair price, but you can’t tell just by holding it.

aged brass cabinet knobs

There are definitely good and bad examples of aged brass knobs. In our kitchen, we really incorporated old brass hardware which is a great way to add some vintage-like style to a more modern space. ) option, you can’t go wrong!

1. Cotswolds Van Knob $55, 1.5 inch

We’ve used these in our kitchen and these knobs are the biggest cabinet splurge we’ve made (by far). And while they may be the most beautiful cabinets ever, I’m a little bummed by the price. Oh and it’s the only knob that comes with another complicated backplate. please.

2. antique brass cabinet knobs $21 (set of 4), 1.125 inch

Also attractive, but much more affordable! I couldn’t stop picking up this knob, shocked by the weight, finish and price.

3. antique brass knobs $24 (set of 10), 1 inch

A great option. Its small size means you can actually see yourself using it if you’re replacing your dresser’s hardware.

mushroom shaped brass cabinet knob

As I said before, I usually love ball-shaped knobs, but mushroom-shaped ones tend to be more budget-friendly and have a more delicate and dainty personality.

1. vernon mushroom knob $14, 1.25 inch

This is the exact knob we used in our office kitchen and when we were looking at this comparison we were looking at option 2. Because we wanted it to match exactly the rejuvenating pull we used. Also, really love the side profile.

2. Mushroom knob $7, 1.25 inches

Had I known that this would match the pull almost perfectly in color, I might have used this cute knob with a rim. All that means is that over time the brass can fade, revealing the darker zinc underneath.

3. Adero Mushroom Knob $10, 1.25 inch

Knobs 3 and 4 are identical. There are subtle differences in color, but the shape is exactly the same.

Four. Amerok Polished Brass $2.97, 1.25 inch

Please explain how this price is possible!

Five. mirror polished knob $12 (set of 4), 1 inch

I love how cute and miniature it is! Even with its small size, this one is very attached to furniture.

Other Brass Cabinet Knobs

Of course, there are different categories, some better than others.

1. Tiazza Antique Bronze $16 (set of 4), 1 inch

This knob is a must have for me. I was hoping it would pass as a really good aged brass option, but it’s like bronze and looks like it’s been artificially chipped rather than truly aged.

2. hassallo cabinet knobs $32, 1.2 inches

I used these hex knobs in Greta’s bathroom, but my take on geometric hardware is to use it sparingly. I love how it complements the , but I have to be careful if I use it all over the kitchen.

3. Amerok burnished brass $2, 1.25 inches

If it weren’t for that shiny finish, you’d really like this mushroom-shaped polished brass option.

Four. brushed brass knob $12 (set of 2), 1.125″

I’ve seen a lot of people use and love this option, but I don’t like brushed metal so I guess it comes down to personal preference. , made of brass, so if brushes are your jam, this might be the knob for you!

If you’re looking for the perfect brass cabinet knobs, decide what shape and style you want and choose your price range. What should I test next?

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