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Stylish Black And White Printable Daily Journal You’ll Love Using

by Contributing Author

This free printable journal is a nice and simple PDF download (A4 and letter sizes available) to help you put your day on paper. Great for self-care and daily recording…

What is a journal

A daily journal is a style of journal with a space to write down your thoughts, ideas and reflections for the day.

It’s like being able to have an ongoing conversation with yourself about what’s going on in your life or how you’re feeling. Learn to process your emotions, practice gratitude, and be grateful for the happy and important moments in your life.

Writing regularly allows me to express myself more creatively and is a great tool for staying organized (yes, I love this!).

How to use the journal

It’s basically a blank printable daily tear-off calendar that can be used for a variety of purposes.

However, the most common usage is to print one page a day and fill it out each night before you go to bed.

Then you can keep all the pages in a planner/diary or folder and create your own DIY diary that you can look back on over the years.

Tips – We recommend printing on at least 100gsm thick paper for best results – I use this 100gsm paper or this 120gsm paper as a guide.

take a closer look…

Here is a quick view of this free. YES! – Free printable journal for download. The link is below the photo – click to get your free printable journal page and get started today!

printable journal

This page has the following information:

  • a Easy way to date without writing out the date yourselfJust circle the day, day and month and voila!
  • 2 large spaces for writing. You can use these however you like, but it’s a good idea to have one space for your day summary and one space for tracking something specific (e.g. goals you’re trying to achieve, tracking habits, tracking gratitude by writing, etc.). About something nice that happened, etc.).
  • this is black and white Decorate however you like by adding colored pens, stickers, or printing the page on colored paper for a creative touch.
  • Both A4 and letter sizes are available, depending on the paper size you use. You can then print to A5 and half size by printing two on one page and cutting in half.
printable journal

Get your free copy…

All free printables are available for download at the Printables Library.

Click the button below to get a copy of this journal page

printable journal

You now have your own printable journal template. You can print as many times as you like.

I hope you are doing well and enjoying your daily entries.

Visit our print library now to get your copy (and access over 100 other prints).

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