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Styling a Round Entry Table

by Contributing Author

In the spirit of smaller decor triumphs, I recently accessorized a round table in the front room. I decided to handle it.

I have grown a collection of pretty good design books and used these in four stacks around the surface. (I’ve selected the ones I’d most like to see for reference, as they’re easily accessible here.)

stacking book styling

Then I started buying a house in search of some sort of vessel to center the branches. I started with this, but felt too ‘squat’. (I moved it to my kitchen table.)

round table styling

This ginger jar was a better height, with or without branches. my entryway wallpaper.

styling round entry table

Next, I placed a few objects I already had (candles, vintage boxes, blue and white boxes, etc.) on top of the book. It’s a fun place to change with the seasons and discover new treasures.

entry table styling ideas

vintage box styling

round entry table styling

round table styling

entrance table

What other styling ideas would you like to see?

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