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Step-By-Step Toy Room Organization

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organizing a toy room Understanding toy storage is not for the faint of heart. Faced with so many toys, games, stuffed animals, craft projects for kids, and half-eaten snacks, it’s easy to get scared.

toy room organization

The playroom can feel more like a disaster zone than a fun place to play with toys.

But if you dream of an organized playroom, you have to take action! Here are the detailed steps How to organize your playroom:

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Create a home management plan that works for you

How to organize a playroom and set up toy storage
Start organizing your toy room. Next, assess your toy storage needs.

  1. Start by removing the litter. Old snacks, wrappers, broken toys, torn projects, dry glue, etc. This frees up a little space and makes the whole area smell a little better. πŸ˜‰
  2. Tidy upDecide which items you need to dispose of and which you want to keep. If your child is old enough, let them participate in this step. As you work, pull organized items out of the playroom so you can really see what you’re working on.
    Organize the playroom. Group things like items and toys.
  3. Group similar items togetherThis doesn’t need to be completely sorted out. Just group. Put all Lego in one pile, all board games in another, Little People in another, and so on.
  4. Evaluate toy storage. You’re trying to store similar items together, but where do you store them all? On a bookshelf, in a trash can, in a basket, on the floor? Find the perfect one for all the items you need to store. Do not purchase new storage containers yet.
    Organize your playroom easily with toy storage bins.
  5. Put everything away in your existing toy storage.
  6. If you still have items that need to be put away and organized, look for toy storage solutions elsewhere in the house. This saves a lot of money on bins and baskets.
  7. If you still have items that need to be stored, Find playroom storage ideas Find the solution you want to use.
  8. Clean up your playroom and have fun!

toy room organization solutions

Use bins and shelves to group similar items together to make toys easier to find and put away. Here are some toy room storage solutions you can incorporate to keep things organized.

  • shelf – Whether your toy room has built-in shelving or open shelving, having some kind of shelving to keep things off the ground makes things more organized. It can hold a container filled with toys. Shelves make toys easier to see and provide a way to put them away.
  • Garment rack for storing clothes – If you have a lot of play costumes, store them on inexpensive adjustable garment racks that keep them off the floor for easy access. .
  • wicker basket – If you have additional wicker baskets around your home, use them to store blankets for building forts, balls for ball pits, and oversized toys that won’t fit in your playroom storage unit. increase.
  • bookshelf cube – Instead of using bulky plastic drawer sets, use cheap cubes as drawers for bookshelves and storage units. Cubes are usually softer and more child-friendly. Plus, it’s so flexible that you can use it in your child’s playroom or anywhere else in your home.
  • storage ottoman – These are good for storing large sets such as blocks and Lincoln logs. Plus they add more seats to the playroom.

Tidy up your toy room

Organizing a playroom takes time and effort. Enjoy the results of your newly organized playroom (as long as it lasts!).

And when things start getting messy again, you can use this handy Playroom Cleanup Checklist. You can download it by subscribing to the Organizing Moms newsletter below.

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Simple steps to organize your toy room. Includes a free printable playroom cleanup checklist.

How to organize your toy room all at once! Clean up and organize your playroom so your child can develop skills, have fun and clean up easily. Step-by-step instructions.

Simple steps to organize your playroom. A toy room can be a fun place for your child to use their imagination and learn.

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