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Steal Our Kitchen Measurements!

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Years ago, when we set out to design our Fulmer kitchen and determine all the spacing and dimensions, we put together the ultimate kitchen space planning cheat sheet. Based on an old kitchen. If you are designing or DIY your kitchen, we highly recommend it as a reference.we completely relied on stoffer homes We have expertise when it comes to maximizing the functionality and design of this kitchen and we appreciate that it is our dream kitchen, but we always get questions about dimensions! So I got out my handy tape measure and grabbed all the important kitchen dimensions and dimensions. You can know the scale and interval of .

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Island measurement

Since there is a cooking room, many followers are concerned about the distance between Long Island and the cabinets. Even on the side with the sliding ladder it feels plenty with about 4 feet of walking space on each side.The island is large enough for a child to sit and sit stool You can cook, prepare and wash dishes on the other side without getting in the way!as for pendantwe love task lighting, but it’s much higher than eye level so the light won’t blind you.

The standard countertop height is 36 inches, and Chris and I are over 6 feet, so we added an inch and a half. The island is a whopping 17.5 feet long, with plenty of space between stools for all your hosting needs.

bookcase dimensions

The important dimensions of this shelf are the height of the top ladder rail and the height of the sconces. Climbing ladders is always fun, but they’re actually not that far off the ground, so they’re very safe. candlestick Located at comfortable eye level. This is what I usually recommend for candlesticks. Oh, the shelf board is movable, so the height can be changed!

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hatch measurement

This little corner is one of my favourites.Many of the things I keep on these shelves are decorative, so I don’t have to reach for the top shelf much, but when I do, I grab my stuff A convenient and dandy desk chair that doubles as a stepladderI shoot a lot of Chris Cook recipes on that countertop, so it’s nice to have enough distance between the counter and the bottom shelf.

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pantry measurements

It’s not a butler’s pantry, but it’s not a small closet, which is why I think I get the most questions about pantry dimensions. 13 inches shallow. You don’t prepare food here, but you can put PB&Js and simple things together.

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Drink station dimensions

And, of course, there’s the popular viral drink station and hidden electronics garage. The countertops are deep, but when the appliance garage is pulled down, it looks like a standard depth. Also, I didn’t want to leave anything out of reach.

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And you have it! The most important kitchen dimensions. We would love to help you with your kitchen renovation.

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