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SPONSORED POST: Florals for Spring? Not Groundbreaking. Fruits for Spring? We’re Listening.

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Nothing says spring like breathing new life into something cozy and familiar.input Isha Verma, a data scientist by day and a DIY enthusiast and thrift store upcycler by night. We love Isha’s approachable way of teaching people the value of sustainability through frugality. After all, spring is the time when old things become new and beautiful.

Isha created a mood board inspired by her calm and cozy living room. Air Wick® Scented Oils Peach & Nectar ScentPlug-in devices give spring an early start with scents that keep your home fresh. Her Mood Her board proves that spring is what you make of it. There are plenty of soft grays and beiges that are neither boring nor washed out. “Seasonal decor can be an opportunity to get creative and personalize your living space,” she says. “This is your chance to experiment with new colors, patterns, and textures to express your personality and style at home.” If your spring version is all about muted hues, like Isha, go for it. please.

Isha tends to favor neutral colors for large pieces of furniture, adding pops of color through decorations and accessories. To keep mood boards from becoming one-dimensional, she turned to patterns. “The warm caramel and pale floral backgrounds of the dakimakura covers bring subtle beauty to the design of the room with the intricate motifs,” she says. To keep your calm space from becoming boring, separate it with moments of distraction and intrigue. Botanical Her prints and flowers can bring a room to life without overwhelming it with color.

inspired by Her Air Wick® fragranceSpeaking of fragrances, switching scents is also a budget-friendly option for spring refreshment. Experiment with what works for you and your home to create a happy, bright season mood.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to refresh your space for spring.

Find the right thrift store item, change pillowcases, or try something new. airwick® fragrance You can give your room a fresh twist on a budget. For Isha, the elements of a well-designed home are simple. Layout, lighting and attention to detail all help create a space that is convenient, personal and special.

If one of your rooms feels like it needs a spring refresh, consider how you’ll use it and build from there. “A well-designed space requires a high level of attention to detail, with careful consideration of all aspects of design, from the placement of ornaments to the selection of art and decorative accents.”

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