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Split Level Christmas Home Tour

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Welcome to my Split Level Christmas Home Tour from Holiday House Walk! I am very happy to have you here! Our home is a 1,159 square foot split level in the Midwest. Our family has changed a lot in the last 20 years! Let’s start with the living room. I decided to do something really different this year and create a theme of winter geese flying onto my holiday mantel. The rest of my house is pretty eclectically decorated. This is one of my favorite mantelpieces ever. You can also watch the video associated with this post. This is a quick home tour showing how the main level is laid out and decorated. As I said earlier, it’s a comfortable house, so it’s a quick tour lol. This is a peep at my villa. We will be doing a detailed tour of each room next week. You can use this link to return to the beginning of the tour.

Brass goose and shining Christmas tree

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With the geese flying over the mantelpiece in the living room, I went hunting for some vintage stores and found some brass geese/swans to add to the display.

Christmas tree with flying winter geese mantelpiece and globe

I love how the mantelpiece speaks like a tree of geese, the winter months of big harvests, and birch twigs. It actually plays a sphere on a tree.

Flying goose mantel and brass goose on black wall

I wanted a smaller tree this year, so I bought a new tree at the summer sale. I have to admit, I love it, but my family absolutely hates it. I think we need to stay calm and keep this up this year.

Glowing grove tree and cardboard log

I love how the twinkling LED lights on the branches twinkle, and the battery Engineered Flickering Flame Seed Bead Globe Adds a cozy glow. I also added velvet mushrooms and gold and copper bells. After the walk around the house, all the family ornaments the kids made will hang on the tree. Added a cardboard log to the bottom of the tree. We will use this in next week’s tutorial.

Globe and Christmas tree and gold drapes and sofa

From the living room, we move into the dining room, which adds a boho wood land feel. I keep a simple table, I set it like this Holiday-inspired paper party plates designed for this year’s Doujinkai.

White and green cabinets in kitchen view from dining area

I made a bookshelf, and the back is the dining room. I thought it might be interesting to stack all the old books on the ceiling to make it look like a library. I don’t know… can there be too many books?

Stack of books and midcentury modern cupboard

hung in the kitchen faux cedar garland Several rustic christmas bells I’m a little crazy this year. I wanted to have them all over the house, but restrained myself in a few spots like the middle of this wonderful garland. I have a pine allergy, so it’s a fake for me on holiday.

Christmas kitchen with green bells and boxwood

In the kitchen, I used more bells to create a garland mixed with ribbon and thread and hung it in the window for a fun and eclectic holiday cheer. Colorful winter cottage tea towels Hang it on the towel bar attached to the front cabinet drawer. I installed it in 2010 and I still don’t regret hanging it. And most of the time I push it away when I need to put something underneath, so it wasn’t a problem at all.

Ribbon and ball garland above cottage kitchen towels and sink

On the other side of the kitchen, an open shelf was decorated with a small ceramic cottage painted white and a large velvet mushroom. We use our shelves every day, so we need to keep everything simple.

Open shelves decorated for Christmas
Christmas cottage and open shelving

I bought these mushrooms last year.I should have bought more after seeing it terrain has them this year And I paid far less.

Christmas decoration mushroom

Of course I had to make a hot cocoa bar together my santa mug For the kids…they tore it apart the minute I finished taking pictures. I have to admit, I had myself a big mug of cocoa with a marshmallow topper.

hot cocoa and cookie bar

Thank you very much for coming to my villa and for taking a look around. House walks are held throughout the week to spice up the holiday.go to the next house dear lily The one who always builds a beautiful home!

dear lillie 2

For more holiday inspiration, check out our Christmas decorating and crafting books Christmas creatively!

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