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Snail In Feng Shui Meaning: Placement + Snail Superstitions

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Curious about the meaning of snails in Feng Shui? Read here to find out! Feng Shui has been practiced for centuries.

Its origins date back 3000 years, when Chinese feng shui was used to heal the mind and body, promoting growth and progress.

Allowing the right energies to take over the negative creates a comfortable and healthy atmosphere. As a result, the benefits of luck, fortune and prosperity permeate.

One of the elements that can be used for this is the Feng Shui snail. Some people may hate snails, but others appreciate what they symbolize.

In this article, learn all about the snail in feng shui, its meaning, the superstitions that go along with it, and placement tips to get you started with the snail in feng shui. feng shui practice along with snails.

So read on to find out everything you need to know!

Meaning of snail in feng shui

Snails have many meanings in Feng Shui. It may be slow, but it symbolizes patience and wisdom.

Meaning of snail in feng shui
Meaning of snail in feng shui
  • The structure of the snail is also profound. The round and smooth outer shell is transiencethe spiral structure reflects the cycle of transmigration.
  • This is why the snail symbol is a popular feng shui element found in most homes.
  • In addition, they also represent self-love and protection. This is because snails withdraw into their shells when threatened or harmed.
  • Keeping snails in your home will keep you safe by keeping dangers and negativity away.
  • Having the snail symbol in your home ensures that you will always have the rest to help others and be kind to yourself and those around you.
  • The snail is also a symbol of wealth, especially since its shell was previously used as currency.

Snail superstition in the house

Aquarium snails have many positive benefits, but there are also some myths and superstitions that overshadow their power.

  1. They are considered dirty and unnecessary in the house.
  2. In fact, having a snail enter your home is a sign of good luck. Snails usually enter homes for shelter and food (mainly molds).
  3. Therefore, it indicates that moisture and dirt may be trapped in damp, dark areas in your home.
  4. It can lead to mold growth.
  5. So, if you do find snails, inspect and remove any possible mold buildup under your kitchen cabinets and basements to protect the safety and health of you and your family.

Makara snail

One of the most popular snail figurines in Feng Shui is the Makara snail.

It is a mythical creature in Chinese culture and consists of three animals. these are, snails, dragonand crocodile.

The Makara snail has a snail shell on its body with a dragon tail and head. This image or number in Feng Shui helps create a balance between positive and negative.

It helps to repair relationships and foster feelings of love and peace among family members. It also helps prevent misunderstandings and conflicts within the home.

In addition, Makara Snail helps people reach the correct and most realistic decisions while minimizing conflicts and quarrels.

This feng shui symbol is often found in family areas of the home. If you don’t know where you are, you can invest in a bagua map that helps you identify different sections and areas in your home.

How to use snails in feng shui practice

The meaning and placement of snails in feng shui
The meaning and placement of snails in feng shui

Feng Shui always recommends following the tips and guidelines provided for each symbol and element.

This will help you succeed in Feng Shui and help promote any gains or benefits that you may get.

And if you’re someone who wants to experience the effects you want without delay, it’s important to be patient and keep the right tips and placement guides in mind.

Here are some ways you can use snails in feng shui.

Feng Shui Snail Placement Tips:

If your hectic schedule and fast-paced life have always worn you down and you’re desperate to slow down, the feng shui snail is exactly what you should be looking for. You can use the following guide for snail placement.

  • Macara snails are east area House’s. This is where the family division exists. Placing Makara snails here helps promote the family sector. connection, trust, loveand spirituality.
  • If you have an indoor aquarium or fish tank with snails, north or east area House’s. The ideal location can be your living room, but make sure you keep your aquarium clean.

Other Feng Shui Symbols of Good Luck, Wealth and Positivity

You can enhance your feng shui practice by adding the following elements: If you place it side by side with a feng shui snail, you can experience double the effect! Here are some of them.

lucky bamboo

Bamboo stands upright and tall. The leaves are also soft and bright. Lucky bamboo is an ideal feng shui plant, rack and luck.

A wealth location is where you want to place this plant. To find this area, stand at the front door facing the inside of the house.

Next, identify the leftmost corner of the house. Here you can put lucky bamboo that will bring good luck and wealth.


The crane is the symbol longevity and health. If you find a portrait or figurine of a crane standing on one leg or flying, you are in luck.

The presence of this symbol has been proven to promote academic and career success.

smiling buddha

Placing a smiling Buddha statue near the front door of your home increases your chances of creating good luck and wealth.

Place a few coins under this feng shui figurine for even better effect.

feng shui crystals

In feng shui, crystals are known to absorb negative energy. It can absorb such energy at a faster rate than any other feng shui symbol.

Amethyst, jade and even onyx help keep you active, healthy and always alert.

evil eye of feng shui

For added protection and safety, the Feng Shui evil eye symbol is a must.

Placing this symbol wall decal in your entryway will keep negativity, jealousy and harm from invading your home.

This symbol can also be worn as jewelry to create a circle of protection around you.

Where to find feng shui snails

Feng Shui snails or Makara snails can be found at your nearest feng shui store. You can find several types of snails there.

They can be made of glass, wood, and metal, each serving their own purpose.

If you can’t find a feng shui shop near you, you can order the desired feng shui symbol or figurine online.

Most stores offer a wide variety of feng shui symbols and objects at affordable prices.

However, be sure to contact a trusted and authentic feng shui supplier for this.

There are several online platforms that sell fake feng shui products, especially feng shui crystals.


Q: Are house snails good or bad feng shui?

According to Feng Shui, having snails in your home can have both positive and negative effects.

The snail’s slow movement and spiraling shell represent positive concepts such as perseverance, development and the cyclicity of existence.

If snails make you feel uncomfortable or indicate problems such as dampness in your home, they may be considered bad feng shui.

In the end, everything depends on your feelings and circumstances.

Q: Are snails lucky or unlucky?

In Feng Shui, the snail is neither a symbol of good luck nor bad luck.

Their spiral shell came to represent perseverance and the cycle of life.

However, if its presence is objectionable or indicates structural problems such as dampness, it may be viewed as a disadvantage.

Its meaning depends a lot on how you feel and the exact situation in your home.

Q: Is it bad luck to step on a snail?

In Feng Shui, there is no common belief that stepping on a snail will bring bad luck.

However, violating the Feng Shui guideline of not intentionally harming living things can drive things crazy.

If we want to stay healthy, it is important to treat all living things with dignity and respect.

Q: What is the spiritual meaning of snails?

Snails are often used as spiritual symbols because they move slowly. Patience and Persistence.

The spiral pattern on their shell symbolizes the ups and downs of life and the constant need to change and improve.

Because the snail always has its shell nearby, it can also represent a person’s ability to set limits and adhere to them.

Q: What does the snail on the front door mean?

snail on you front door Feng Shui has nothing to do with negativity.

However, the snail shell has become symbolic. Perseverance, Patienceand the natural rhythm of life.

If you feel happy in its presence, it may be a good omen. If you make people uneasy, you can also be caught negative.

Your own prejudices and experiences give color to your interpretation.

Q: What does a brown snail mean in feng shui?

Brown snails have no special meaning in feng shui.

But its earthy hue earth elementis believed to be associated with stability, nurturing and grounding.

Q: What does the black snail mean in feng shui?

In Feng Shui, black represents the following colors: water element Because it connotes depth, mystery, and introspection.

The appearance of a black snail in a dream may be a message to explore your deep psychology.

Q: What does seeing a snail mean spiritually?

The snail may remind us to be patient, that steady growth is worth more than rapid change, and that life is a never-ending series of cycles.

Q: What is the symbol of the snail in Christianity?

Because snails walk slowly, they may symbolize laziness, one of the seven deadly sins in Christianity.

However, this is a case-by-case analysis and not a universal rule.

Q: What is the spiritual meaning of eating snails?

Eating snails has no significant religious or cultural significance.

An interpretation that assimilates the virtues of perseverance and perseverance is possible in some cultures.

But it’s very relative and can vary from person to person and across cultures.

Q: What does the red snail mean in feng shui?

In Feng Shui, red is considered a symbol of good luck and joy.

A red snail can represent good luck, or a need to celebrate one’s many small accomplishments.

Q: What does the blue snail mean in feng shui?

According to Feng Shui, blue represents the following colors: water elementassociated with maturity, tranquility and open dialogue.

A blue snail can represent a need for quiet introspection or honest expression.

Start practicing Feng Shui now!

With the right guide and help, you can get your feng shui practice on track.

By following these tips and insights on what snails bring in Feng Shui, you can easily navigate your way to prosperity and good fortune.

However, it is important to ensure that the practice bears fruit. Being impatient and restless can release negative energy and render your Feng Shui practice useless. Avoid this at all costs.

If you found this article helpful and would like to help your friends and family reap the benefits of feng shui, please share this article.

Sharing knowledge is another feng shui tip that helps facilitate the process of wisdom and knowledge.

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