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Small Space Decorating: How To Place A Bed In Front Of An Off-Set Window

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What’s more frustrating than trying to get the right bedroom layout is that when builders build a house, they pay little attention to where the windows are relative to the doors or where the furniture is. When working with clients, their bedrooms have oddly placed or oddly sized windows that make it impossible to place a bed underneath them, disrupting the entire flow of the room. often In fact, he had two clients in the same month who had the same design dilemma, and wanted to share his solution on how to position the bed offset in front of her window.

What is the best solution for small, off-center windows?

Strategic placement of window treatments is usually the best option for correcting off-center window asymmetries. Floor space is very important in a small bedroom, and you need extra space not only for storage, but also for him to be able to comfortably walk around the bed, especially if the room is shared by two people. This is why placing your bed in the middle is more important than ever.

Bedroom with offset windows

As you can see in the photo above, in my first client’s bedroom, the windows were placed in the corners of the room, which resulted in terrible furniture placement. Especially where I wanted the bed to be the center of the room. In a small bedroom, it’s more important than ever to place the bed where it’s the main focal point. My client wanted to make blinds for privacy, so I decided to play with the size of the blinds and actually extend them beyond the window to create an almost large window. Luckily, this window faces the street and you don’t have to open the blinds to look out. Next, hang the curtain rod high in the blind and extend the curtain to the other side of the headboard. This allowed him to symmetrically position the curtain panels and matching nightstands.

Offset window solution with bed under window

I did a little makeover to brighten up the whole room and finally got some paint, lighter walls, color and a new headboard and bed frame. This allowed the bed to move far below the window sill and create a bit of airiness so that the bed didn’t feel so heavy.

Any other furniture placement issues? Please see this article for furniture around windows and doors.

colorful pillows on the bed

I also added some super fun drapes and artwork from Minted and lots of pillows from West Elm. There are also some plans to replace the lugs with something a little more neutral in the future.

bed with window and headboard

Adding a large curtain panel also helped balance the chest of drawers with the other side of the room. A super cute green vintage dresser looks great with the arched mirror next to the closet door.

Painted vintage dresser painted green with lamps and arched gold mirrors
Art and curtains made in the bedroom

For my client’s room 2, years ago I didn’t know what to do with windows, so I covered them with a large, striking headboard. Too little light in the room, it just got dark. It was totally trendy at the time, but now I like to open the windows and let the light in. I didn’t have the option of doing a major renovation and installing a large window, so I decided to fake a large window with the size and placement of the curtains.

How to center a bed in an off-center window

I ended up adding blackout curtain panels to this window for dimming, and a curtain rod hung near the ceiling to raise the height of the room. Also, by hanging the curtain rod far enough from the edge of the headboard, I was able to center the curtains.By leaving the curtains nearly closed, light still gets in, but the window closes. It gives the illusion that it is larger than it actually is.

Use curtains and drapes to center off-center windows on the bed

Another trick to work with larger offset windows is to fill the entire wall with drapes, essentially creating a wall of fabric.

This room had a sloping ceiling, so that wasn’t really an option here, so I had to leave an open space on either side of the curtains. I don’t like to do it, but if you have a large room with off-center windows and no other solution, upholstery can be a good option.

Both clients are happy with the end result and know how comfortable and bright their home feels. I’m happy.

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