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Simple Cozy Cottage Kitchen Christmas Decor

by Contributing Author

while scrolling Instagram or Pinterest I often find myself thinking about other people viewing my content these days, and others with whom I share my home every day. I suspect they will be just as overwhelmed as I am as I scroll. But let’s be realistic, because I share a clean house every day, the highlights of my day, and a few seconds of happy updates and new sources every day, I’m not the cause of being overwhelmed for anyone. I hate it about what I do. Sometimes I want to share more of what is happening in the trenches. Lost many babies, dealt with depression, struggled with placement, moved away from the state he called home for 10 years, lost family…but that’s not all, not every day in the trenches. Mainly because he only has a few minutes a day to share on social and on his blog, so he picks the highlights and publishes them right away. Because we love to share and we don’t want to miss an opportunity to share our joys, our passions and our projects. There’s his day between work and mom, including creative adventures. I hope you find inspiration in my little corner of the internet, but please don’t use it as a comparison tool… Every corner of the room, half-finished projects everywhere, and mom failures that should happen every day. Even if you can’t see it, remember: life isn’t perfect. Each season we have so much to share, but we don’t even have enough time to share everything we want to share, from DIYs to decorations to holiday ideas, but we always share enough, make this space new and refreshed, and always take care of us. has become I was looking at some photos from the Christmas season today and this series of photos in the kitchen caught my eye and I wanted to keep things as simple as needed and to keep up with all the accounts I see. It prompted me to talk about not being overwhelmed by scrolling. The only person you need to catch up on is yourself. How would you like your seasonal interior to look? What makes your home comfortable on vacation? What does your family enjoy on vacation? What are your traditions? do it. Gathering inspiration is great, but don’t try to imitate someone’s life if it’s not something you love, can keep, or can afford. We kept it simple. I hope this inspires you to really appreciate what a simple garland can do for a space at Christmas time…

Simple garlands, wreaths, and maybe a few ornaments on display… everything doesn’t have to be a big DIY, reinventing the wheel, or something new every year. If you want to change things up, try something new, and spend more time decorating, do it too. please give me! What I’m trying to say is that I really want you to do what you love, decorate it the way you want, and create a cozy home for your loved ones. It’s really cozy especially when you’re on vacation.

Let’s see:

Cozy is when your senses are at peace all at once. As you decorate this season, and as Christmas approaches, think about these five senses and how you can implement your favorites from each category into your home to make it cozier. We hope these simple glimpses into what Christmas looks like in 2020 will inspire you to be yourself this holiday season. under your roof.

Thank you for visiting my blog every day.See holiday decorations, gift guides, and other holiday details [HERE] & of course every day in our society [HERE] tOh! xx

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