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Scorpio Lunar Eclipse 2023 Feng Shui!

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Scorpio Lunar Eclipse 2023 Feng Shui!
Tao of Dana

The time has come for the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on May 5, 2023. Feng Shui opens powerful and big breakthroughs!

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in a new chapter in your life filled with a cleansing fresh start, a powerful and confident new glow, or an abundance of breakthroughs you’ve never experienced before, this Friday’s The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse is perfect for you!

This Scorpio full moon is supercharged by a long and powerful eclipse that sheds light on the Scorpio themes of passion, courage, strength, alchemy and transformation.

Now is the time to rise up, unleash more of yourself, and let love guide you to unbelievable treasures. You can use this bold and powerful energy to propel your life forward in leaps and bounds.

As with all eclipses, this energy is believed to be with us for the next six months. So the changes you make now will continue to amplify and unfold until late summer. Helpful!

PS: As mentioned in the video, the 8-week online Feng Shui Camp will be held soon this season. This is to organize your home and life and to energize and create breakthroughs. Breakthrough Camp!

Feng Shui is about aligning your energy (your chakras) and your home so that you can Reveal more of what you want Easier, higher level!

If you’re ready for a breakthrough, they’re ready for you!

You can start your free Breakthrough Camp video here to set up your home for breakthroughs as soon as you start.

XO XO! ! !

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