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Rosemary Cleansing Bath (emotional balance, anti-anxiety)

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How to prepare and enjoy a rosemary cleansing bath to promote overall emotional balance and provide relief from stress and anxiety.

When it comes to emotional balance, rosemary is probably the best herb to consider for medicinal use.

While cooking with rosemary on a regular basis is great (just pop a few sprigs into the cavities of your roast chicken), external soaking in rosemary-infused baths is also great.

Most detox bath recipes are designed to remove toxins or improve nutritional status of minerals such as sulfur and magnesium.

However, therapeutic baths are not only useful for cleansing body tissues, they can also help promote brain health.

Soaking in a rosemary bath, in particular, promotes emotional balance and helps relieve stress and anxiety.

rosemary and heart health

How does rosemary contribute to emotional balance?

Studies show that simply inhaling the scent of rosemary lowers levels of cortisol, a deadly stress hormone in saliva. (1)

Isolated ingredients, especially carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid, are scientifically endorsed as natural substances that help people suffering from anxiety and other nervous system disorders. (2)

High cortisol levels are caused by stress and anxiety caused by negative thought loops or real-life events. Interestingly, the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference! (3)

In short, cortisol is a very powerful “fight or flight” hormone.

Historically, rosemary was well known for its balancing effects on the brain, especially when it comes to clear thinking and memory.

Even today, in Greece, rosemary is sometimes burned in the homes of students preparing for exams. (Four)

High cortisol levels can make it difficult to think clearly, and rosemary can help improve that.

It’s always fun to see the fusion of folklore and scientifically proven effects!

Why rosemary bath?

Are rosemary baths the only way to enjoy the emotional balancing effects of rosemary?

Absolutely not.

However, the soothing physical stimulation of the skin from soaking in a warm bath is inherently relaxing.

In my opinion, this enhances the therapeutic effect of the herb.

A cup of rosemary herbal infusion (warm or iced) may be more desirable in warmer months when baths are less appealing.

Renowned herbalist Sussan Weed states that the oldest recipe is to soak a few handfuls of fresh rosemary in a glass of white wine for several days and drink as needed to calm anxiety-induced palpitations. increase. (Five)

Today rosemary capsules, tinctures and essential oils for aromatherapy are more readily available and more convenient.

However, I personally recommend using fresh rosemary as the best method as practiced in folklore.

  • Herbal infusion (summer)
  • Relax in a hot rosemary bath (winter)

Sticking to teas and brain-balancing baths also keeps you from getting too much into your system. (6)

How to make and enjoy

Fresh rosemary therapeutic baths are very easy to prepare.


All you need is a few sprigs of fresh rosemary and boiling filtered water.

You can also use dried rosemary (1 ounce by weight per quart of water), but we recommend fresh rosemary for maximum aromatic benefits.

Where can I get fresh rosemary if I don’t grow it myself? We recommend a farmer’s market in season or the refrigerated section of a supermarket or health food store.

There is usually a small package of fresh rosemary sprigs (like these) You can buy one for about $2.

rosemary herbal infusion

When your fresh rosemary is ready, simply add 2-3 sprigs to a quart mason jar.

Add boiling water to just below the rim.

Tighten the lid and let the herbs soak in water for 1-4 hours.

Rotate the jar every hour if possible.

Immersion method

When your rosemary herbal infusion is ready, open the lid and take a deep sniff or two for its lovely aroma.

When the infused rosemary water is ready for use in your bath, it should look like the photo below. The twigs also flow towards the bottom of the jar.

Water infused with rosemary, used for brain-boosting baths

Pour the twigs and all the whole lot into a tub filled with hot but not overly hot water.

Enjoy the aroma and medicinal experience as quietly and gently as possible for 30 minutes.

We recommend avoiding electronic devices, especially AirPods and any kind of wireless headset that overstimulates your brain.

Soothing music in a dark room lit only by a small infrared light or salt lamp Please include if necessary.

After bathing, get out of the bathtub and towel dry without rinsing. This leaves a residue of rosemary oil on the skin for a lasting effect.

Do not bathe more than once a day and repeat as needed.


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Soak fresh rosemary in hot water for an anti-anxiety bath

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