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Revealing Faye’s New Traditional Wallpaper and What’s Next

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Please be informed that we are currently redecorating our daughter Faye’s room. She’s 9 years old and quite into design, so I’ve been including her in some of her decision making. Well, I presented her with 28 wallpaper samples of hers (all chosen by me) and after she thought a lot and went back and forth a bit between some samples, she came up with the shimmering geometry. I’m comfortable with the pattern. To be honest, I was rooting for the floral one, but I’m glad she let her take the lead. Because now that it’s installed, we’re both incredibly happy with her choice.

Before I say too many cute things wallpaperhere’s a list of things I’ve done in Faye’s room so far:

We hired a contractor to do the prep work and installation, but every time we hire a professional to install the wallpaper, we are amazed at how quickly and perfectly they do it. Other wallpaper jobs we have commissioned include murals in the study room, wallpaper from Polly’s Storybook, grasscloth wallpaper in his dining room, dressing room, and hallway.

I was worried that this wallpaper would be too turquoise for 2012 (you know what I mean). But it’s so soft and sophisticated, and beautiful beyond that. A small sample is not enough and the scale of the pattern makes the room feel very spacious. Of course, removing the closet also contributed to that.

of wallpaper Made by Farrow & Ball, the same brand as powder bath wallpaper. What I love about this paper is that the designs are painted on rather than digitally printed ink, giving it a very nice tactile and textured finish.

I’m trying to source moldings for the crown where the closet used to be, but I’m at my limit. At this point, you may need to replace the entire crown unless you’re lucky enough to find a match.

Fay’s room is a ‘Jack’ to Polly’s ‘Jill’ bedroom, so I wanted them to compliment each other rather than compete. I think this wallpaper strikes a nice balance between organic and geometric patterns and works beautifully with the playful wallpaper in Polly’s room. (Fun note: Looking back at Polly’s wallpaper post, this wallpaper was also the top runner in the room! It seemed to be a favorite for a while).

As I shared on my first moodboard, I was really excited to incorporate some contrast trim into Faye’s room.look this wallpaper Installing has changed that mindset (and it does!). Make it creamy white or leave it white to match Polly’s room decor.

Furniture for Faye’s room starts arriving now, so stay tuned!

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