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Reveal: The Outdoor Kitchen of Our Dreams

by Contributing Author

With the end of the year fast approaching, Jules and I are entering the home stretch of our 2022 home projects. So my dream outdoor kitchen is officially complete.



My number one priority for this project was to use the most exclusive grilling product I’ve had my eye on in years: Dometic Home’s Twin Eagles Collection. I raved about obsessing over them in my Ultimate Grilling Guide, so teaming up and making this outdoor kitchen a reality was a bucket list item. was also a major constant in this project.

Do as much planning and preparation as you can before you start your project (this is what I preach in my 10 things that can derail your home renovation post). You are never immune to the unexpected. It all started when the stones started to rise and we took a break. Jules waved red flags, but I trust her eyes and intuition when it comes to design. So she DIYed by rotating the vertical panel.

Then I decided to paint the siding with “Mouse’s Back” and repaint it with “Graphite” by Benjamin Moore.

Now let’s take a look at the different features of this baby.

42″ Eagle One gas grill with rotisserie and shear zone

I can’t express how much I love this grill. I use it several times a week because it is versatile and responsive. It heats up quickly, holds heat well, and has a high heat section for grilling (a perfect skirt steak every time, which I whipped up the other day), as well as a tall rotisserie burner. Beautiful and grilling at night is not a problem. I love. this. grill.

Beneath this grill masterpiece, Soft closing, double access door Where you keep your grill brush and fire extinguisher, and where you can easily access the gas connection.

As versatile as the 42″ is, my dream outdoor kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a pellet grill and smoker.

36″ Pellet Grill & Smoker with Rotisserie

Pellet grills are about flavor. I’ve done a fair amount of both, but do more smoke on the pellet grill than on the grill. Pulled pork, ribs, or whole chicken. If I have time, I go to Pellet Grill. The rotisserie can make the best chicken you’ve ever had. A touchscreen makes it easy to control the temperature and smoke level. The front loading hopper allows you to lift the lid to add pellets without losing smoke.

under the pellet grill 36 inch pellet storage drawerfor quick access to all your extra pellets.

30 inch teppanyaki flat top grill

I like most foods grilled, but when it comes to burgers, I have to say I prefer flat tops. Hamburgers, stir-fries, bacon eggs, tacos, and more. Outdoors His kitchen has a flat-top teppanyaki stove for more options.

warming drawer (saved below) is something you never think you need until you get it and feel like a butterfly and finally have wings. I’m obsessed with serving cold food cold and hot food warm, so it’s amazing to have this to bridge the gap between cooking and serving times for different dishes.

24 inch power burner

The power burner has a wide control range, from 70,000 BTU on the top end to almost zero. I’ve used mine to fry turkey, but I’ve also used it to warm up fudge for poolside sundaes. On warm nights, boil crab legs in a 10-gallon pot. In addition, the unimaginable wok also moves.

other necessities

24 inch outdoor sink.

There is a sink on the other side of the kitchen! When you’re working in an outdoor kitchen, the last thing you want to do is walk in and out of the house to access running water.

24-inch two-level refrigerator

I always stock this with drinks. Cooking outdoors and having cold drinks is the pinnacle of convenience and the pinnacle of all outdoor cooking experiences.

15 inch ice machine

What’s your drink without a little ice? How often do you call people who arrive late to your party because they have to pick up bags of ice on the way?

18 inch full pull out double trash can

Having not one but two pull-out containers for trash and recycling is a detail I won’t miss anytime soon.

36 inch dry storage

Using these waterproof drawers to store a lot of utensils and hand towels (always keeping a towel close by) keeps everything running smoothly while I cook up a storm. Essential to keep going!

What surprised me was how well the kitchen flowed. I mean, I designed the layout to flow, so I hope it works the way you think it will, but it’s better than I could have imagined…a sprawling granite island, grills and appliances. Everything works great and I really enjoy cooking there.

Hosting in this kitchen is great. What tends to happen when I host is that I’m in the kitchen while other people are doing something, but in this kitchen, I’m in the middle of it all. , with all the space and so many appliances, I usually recruit a few extra hands so I can offer them a cold drink to help.

We expected to paint the pergola black, but realized the white actually tied everything together. I’m leaving it to see if I really miss it in the future.

Now that the pergola is complete and the lanterns are hung, I spend most nights here cooking to my heart’s content. It’s December, are you still taking advantage of your outdoor space??

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