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Renters of This Loft Share Secrets of Budget Buys & Keeping Giant Plants Alive

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name: Puno Puno, Daniel Ching Yi, Muadhib (cat) and Frankie (baby)
position: Fashion district, downtown Los Angeles
size: 1500 square feet
house type: loft
Years lived: 5 years, rental

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“It’s been five years since we moved into this loft and did our first Apartment Therapy Loft Tour. i love creative (@ilovecreatives on Instagram). She rents this large loft in LA’s Fashion District with her partner. Daniel, and it’s where they live, work, and have been raising their new baby, Frankie, for a few months now. It has maintained many enviable qualities, such as its ambience. But there were also a lot of updates. “Plants have grown, sofas have been reupholstered from red to white, floors have been repainted, babies are born (her fourth roommate if you count cats)!” exclaims Puno.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Inspiration: Our friend and architect Tyler Thomas Ven Studio Exposed me to Milo Boman (there are some of his works) and retrofuturism.lately i’m in love star trek design.

Favorite element: I still can’t get past these windows. The light of sunrise and sunset has atmosphere. We have been working from home for the past 8 years and the light has contributed greatly to my job well-being.

Also, having a line of sight is another plus of windows. The best wallpaper you can see to the East Building and Poloroko.

Biggest challenge: One of the biggest challenges was the color of the kitchen cabinets and island. It screamed renting an apartment and made the kitchen feel dark. I needed a solution that I could undo when I finally moved.Apartment Therapy Before & After.

budget: I wanted to print a photo of that giant 54×80 pan, but all the quotes I got were well over $1,000.we found a really good price Pictreme (15% off with FRIEND15)! Total was $367 including shipping.

Is there anything unique about your home or how you use it? When I had a baby, I had to turn my office into a daycare. Our desk is now in the living room. The wires are killing me and I miss more living floor space, but this is the ideal layout for now. The light in the living room during the hour is much better.

I also like that the office is a nursery school. I’m glad we parted because I’m comfortable and have a breastfeeding life.

Describe any tips you have for maximizing and/or organizing small spaces that are helpful, inspiring, wonderful, or just useful. One of the things people always ask us is how to keep plants alive. Are you ready for the secret?! Daniel waters all the plants every Sunday until they run out of water and all the pots have holes in the bottom. that’s it!

Finally, do you have any house secrets or decorating advice? Learn Figma and graphic design tools! I used it to create a mood board and it helps me a lot when shopping. plus! You can collaborate with other users.what we actually teach graphic design course and i love creative If you really want to go, you can learn about Figma and Photoshop here.

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