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Renovation Diaries in the Study

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In true revamp spirit, things in the study got a little worse before they got better. I’m narrowing the opening to the door, adding pocket doors, and building shelves and cabinets on either side of the opening! The latest update was over a week ago for him, so let’s take a look at all the progress so far.

in demonstration


  • I got a pocket door
  • drywall completed
  • Shelf box installed and primed for paint (finish color is similar)
  • Trimwork is ready for caulking, priming and painting
  • Electricity is wired for new switches and picture lights

It’s actually pretty incredible that not only the trim but also the wallpaper could be salvaged and reused. I am impressed.

in demonstration


Shelves and cabinets are only dark green undercoated, so it’s not the final color, but it’s similar. After testing lots of swatches, I ended up with a Benjamin Moore top soil that actually came very close to the color of my kitchen island. I was going back and forth between turning it back to white. In the end, the white ceiling looks cleaner, and I think it will create a nice contrast with the dark green paint, so I chose white!

In fact, there were many comments suggesting leaving just the ceiling lights blue. I love two-tone paint moments, but this is not what I want to do.

opening before

buy the study

This photo was taken during the GM commercial shoot, and is one of the few photos that pulls back the entrance to the lab! When the opening is narrowed, it looks like this.

opening after

It feels like this was always intended.when i read tuesday love letter We then had our first look at these custom made walnut doors inspired by pantry doors. I love this view, so it didn’t work!

Next: Paint!

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