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Pre-order Love & Lemons Simple Feel Good Food!

by Contributing Author

Pre-order our new cookbook. Love & Lemons Simple Feel Good Foodreceive a special bonus meal plan by the end of January!

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for the Cookbook launch a few weeks ago! We are so excited to share this new book with you! Love & Lemons Simple Feel Good Food It will be released on April 25, but reservations are currently being accepted.

SPECIAL BONUS: Receive a free meal plan e-book when you pre-order only during the month of January. you just last 3 days Get this amazing thank you gift!

April 25th may still seem like a long way off, but today’s post explains some of the reasons why you should pre-order the book now.

Why pre-order?

  1. Pre-order only during January and you’ll get a bonus e-book for the Feel Good Meal Plan! I will send shortly You can do a lot of cooking while waiting for your book.It features some of our best recipes organized into fresh five-day meal plans with step-by-step prep guides to streamline and simplify your cooking. only has 3 days left To get this e-book! See below for more information.
  2. A copy of the cookbook is guaranteed as soon as it goes on sale. You don’t have to worry about supply chain issues or out of stock books. Pre-order now and you’ll get a copy on the day of publication. We want to make sure we have enough to go back and forth!
  3. It’s the best way to support our cookbook. Pre-orders have a big impact on the success of your cookbook. These help determine how many copies the book retailer will order at the time of the initial release. The more orders we get, the more we promote our books to our customers, which is very helpful for us. So by pre-ordering, you can spread the word about the book!

Love & Lemons Feel Good Meal Plan pages litter the marble

Please tell me about the Feel Good Meal Plan e-book.

If you love fresh, fun, plant-focused meals, you’ll love this plan! We’ve compiled some of our fan-favorite recipes into a streamlined 5-day meal plan.

  • There’s a step-by-step Sunday prep guide set up to make cooking quick and easy during the week.
  • Dinner leftovers often flow into lunch, so you can shop and prepare more efficiently.
  • It will be sent directly to your email in PDF format, so you can get it right away.

open the cookbook and read the page, "A Simple Guide to Lasagna Layers" On the right is a grid of options for sauces, vegetables, cheeses and herbs

Wait a minute, what’s in the cookbook?

Love & Lemons Simple Feel Good Food For two types of cooks: those who like quick and easy recipes and those who like to plan ahead. (If you’re a little bit of both, that’s great too!)

  • is jammed 125 plant-forward recipes (Over 100 are vegan!) For breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert,
  • tons of luxury recipe chart,
  • and the entire section 3 days dinner meal scheduleThese plans center around a single vegetable (such as a whole head of cabbage) or a pantry staple (such as a pot of rice). Recipes share grocery lists, where the components of one day flow into the next, simplifying cooking!

I love all recipes, but if I had to pick a few favourites, lentil curry frozen burrito (best meal prep breakfast!), creamy tahini chickpea soup (Bright, creamy and so easy!), and freezer carrot cake bar (It tastes like regular carrot cake, but it’s made with whole food ingredients like walnuts and dates!).

Want to know more? Find them in this post!

Thank you so much for your support! xo, janine

co-authored with Phoebe Moore
Cookbook photo shoot Eva Korenko
food styling by marian cooper cairns

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