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Poinsettias and Paint Online Workshop

by Contributing Author

I recently taught a painting workshop at Glow Genève where I used acrylic paint to paint a poinsettia on canvas. I had so much fun and the artwork was so amazing that I decided to launch it as an online workshop. poinsettia and paint From November 1st. Check out the image below and the video in the post to see a little bit more about the workshop I just taught and the online workshop.

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Poinsettia Painting Workshop at Grow Geneva

The workshop was a lot of fun and I was blown away by everyone’s art! You can see how to draw a simple poinsettia in this blog post, but I wanted to teach you something on a more detailed scale that could be used as his art on a larger mantel for the holidays. Designed in an easy step-by-step format, this online workshop is suitable for all skill levels, whether you’ve never painted before or are hesitant about drawing. is!

Paint the poinsettia base layer
For this workshop, we will be using a 16×20 canvas. I painted on a black/gray background, but this artwork can be scaled to any size canvas. I use medium & heavy body acrylic paints, but if you have craft paints you can do it. I’m all for using “what you got” when creating.
Painting Workshop with Jennifer Rizzo

I love how everyone starts out in a workshop with the same ingredients and ends up looking completely different with their own twist!

draw dots on canvas

Registration of poinsettia and paint Online now open with early bird price of $9.99. In this workshop you will create the same artwork that you created in this class. The good news is that it’s a self-paced workshop that you can access for two full years. after Thursday, the price rises to the usual $19.99. So grab your spot and paint with us this holiday season! You can register here.

Poinsettia Painting Workshop at Grow Geneva

I love poinsettia and painting and I hope you enjoy creating your own mantelpiece art. For more online workshops, visit Creative Paper Holiday Online Workshops.

Poinsettia and Painting Online Workshop Jennifer Rizzo Using a hand paint brush to paint the petals with red paint
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