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Play at Home: 10 Small Ways To Change Things Up

by Contributing Author

From New Year to Spring, there’s something about your home that makes you want to change things up. As written here, small improvements are really satisfying. It’s easy to get stuck in the endless rut ​​of cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry, but sometimes you need to take time to play around the house. This is my creative release, and if it’s yours too, I’m sharing 10 small ways to change things.

  1. Paint some art to add more (or new) colors. This can be as simple as the shape. I still get questions about the above abstract that I drew on copy paper before. (A frame and a large white mat also help.)
  2. Arrange some flowers. pick up some from the grocery store, Add cuttings and greenery from your gardenIf you can.
  3. Like researching your favorite designer’s house, TRUE Study the details. Scrolling through endless inspirational pictures can be overwhelming, but focusing on one of his favorite homes (or rooms) can bring new ideas to him, even if one is removed. , creativity is stimulated.
  4. Move one piece of furniture to another room.
  5. Completely clear the surface (entrance table, bookshelf, etc.) and then start over.
  6. Replace old lamp shades or paint them.
  7. Introduce one new pattern to the space. This can be as simple as moving a pillow from one room to another, covering a table with a cloth, or stacking rugs.
  8. Add lamps in places you’ve never tried (powder room, your kitchen counterbookshelves, etc.)
  9. Move a work of art to another room or wall.
  10. Go to a thrift store. Sometimes the best way to keep my creativity alive is to put my phone down and leave the house. Finding small treasures can stimulate the progress of change when you return home and find the place.

Please let me know if you have anything to add to this list.

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