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“Planting” Faux Plants Outside

by Contributing Author

I think part of me is embarrassed and excited to tell you about the fake plants I ‘planted’ in these pots right outside my dining room. Neither of them inherited the green thumb.

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36″ pond cypress topiary

Podocarpus Double Ball Topiary

18″ boxwood ball

60″ Cedar Pine Tree

Last summer we planted a container garden of herbs and they have grown wonderfully. Some of the herbs grew faster than Chris needed them, and some couldn’t keep up with demand! became. So sure, Chris said he’d rather get fresh herbs from her state Farmer’s Market than be disappointed when he went out to cut fresh basil, but it wasn’t there. .

Alas, we demolished the container garden, but all the pots and planters have remained untouched since then.when you do grandin road was having a 30% off sale, so I dug up and bought some fake shrubs for an abandoned planter.i already have two of them Sugimatsu I have it by my pool and it looks totally authentic after being outside for a year, so I was brave enough to add a few more by this wall.

I’ve spent a lot of money over the past 6 months planting over 500 real plants and trees throughout my garden, some have survived, some have survived (replaced for free), It was such a pleasure to see the garden. come with me. When it comes to this little corner, I feel the go-nowhere grown-up look is great. I’m going to save my gardening shears for the rest of the garden.

Oh, and these artificial shrubs are also a great option by your front door.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your gardening skills? Be honest. Do you ever take fakes outside?

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