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Painting the Study a Glossy Dark Green

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I’ve painted many rooms in my life, and when I take a closer look at the final paint color, I might question everything. You spend a lot of time choosing the perfect paint color. Even when I’m painting, I don’t know what it will look like until the paint dries. Too late to look back.

This study repaint was no exception. If anything, it was my third attempt to get the paint color right, so I felt a lot of pressure to really nail it. , and sometimes even quickly regretted my choices!

Not this time.

mural | | chandelier | | ceiling medallion

This was love at first sight.

I went with the paint color Topsoil by Benjamin Moorebut our painter (hired through our contractor Kennon Construction) Water-based lacquer to match Milesi paint brand colorsAs such, it has a very strong, glossy finish. After explaining the ultra-gloss finish I was looking for, it was their recommendation. It gives the perfect dark and moody green a fresh, dramatic, modern look that makes the light bounce all over the room.

The painters worked very thoroughly on the prep and painting because they knew that the high gloss would show through all the imperfections.

Why didn’t you paint the ceiling!? I always do and I did paint when the trim was pale blue, but here I wanted the high gloss trim to shine. The crown here is very thick, almost 10 inches, and the warm white ceiling (Sherwin Williams White Flour) blends beautifully with the neighboring spaces. The bubble lights coming down from the white ceiling are also nice. That blank slate is really soothing juxtaposed with 360-degree murals and glossy paint.

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This room and I have been through a lot together, but I feel like it’s just the beginning for us.

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