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Painting Bedroom Doors Black

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It’s another week of the #newroomnewyear challenge. It’s nearly over and it’s exciting to see it take shape as the week goes on! increase. universal blackThe flat panel door has really been upgraded. I have a video of me painting the door in this post. It’s amazing how the black paint looks like a dusty gray until it dries.

Hallway with trim and chair rails

Our bedroom door was white for the 20+ years we’ve lived here. I was ready for a really big change because I just wanted something really, really different. I admit the reviews are different bags from the people who live in this house.I got a remote text from one of the college students saying, “Why do you do that, I don’t think it looks good.” So there it is.

Corridor before makeover with rug and white door

The truth is that we have the original very ugly hollow flat panel doors in our homes, and after nearly 60 years these doors have seen a few things. I cut it about an inch too short along the bottom, as I must have decided that someone along the way had rubbed the carpet too much (after laying on the beautiful oak hardwood). (You can see it in this hallway long shot). We had his 20 years on the bottom of the bedroom door too short…so there’s not much you can do to ruin the door at this point, so I’d love to have it shine while having fun.

Woman painting a white flat panel door with black paint

To paint the door black, I benjamin moore advance paintExtremely durable and intended for high traffic applications such as cabinets and doors. After a quick sanding, I used a super high density flat foam roller and a soft angled brush to paint. It took about 3 hours to apply and dry. Is painting the hinge the best way? The best thing to do is unhing them and lay them flat somewhere and spend a day or two painting them, but mom has to do what mom has to do. I left the doors and the trim on each door white and only painted the hallway side.

Painting the door trim with black paint and a brush

I would say this paint smells a little better than their paint aura Branded and had to leave the windows open for a while in 30 degree weather.

Bedroom door painted black in hallway

I love how the door looks like it’s been painted black! The hallway is darker than before, but I like the way it looks. It’s really dramatic and grounded. I also love the black painted living room! Hallways are finally starting to feel like they’re purposeful, rather than just passing areas! Wallpaper murals and lighting are done this week, and we’ll be sharing the final reveal next week!

Corridor door painted black

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