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Painting a Pattern on a Lamp Shade

by Contributing Author

I tried something new last week. I decided to take a lampshade that had seen better days (and was on my way to my donation pile) and try painting a pattern on it instead. bottom. You may pick up a new hobby. . .

First, I drew a sketch with a pencil without thinking about a specific pattern. I chose a more angular pattern because the lines at the base of the lamp are rounded. I know someone will ask what fabric paints, brushes, etc. I used. Here is the answer: I used almost dry paint I found in the garage (The color is Sherwin Williams Tatamitan.) and one of the cheaper craft brushes for kids. After all, this was just an experiment. And let’s be honest, most projects like this are done on impulse. If you plan and have to walk into the store, it’s much less likely that it will actually happen.



My one tip: Overlap the lines twice so they are still visible when the lamp is on. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s a fun change.

before_after_paint_ lampshadepainting_patterned_lampshade

Read about another lampshade project I did here.

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