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Paint Your Own Watercolor Note Cards and Envelopes

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I love to pull out my watercolors once in a while and create cute and useful things. I made some cute watercolor note cards, but they were so simple that I wanted to share how to paint your own watercolor note cards. This is a great project if you are new to watercolor painting or just want to play around and explore your own creativity. A set of handmade thank you cards wrapped in cute ribbons is perfect for gifts!

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To make watercolor notecards, you’ll need watercolor paints, watercolor paper, or pre-made blank notecards (you can also buy blank watercolor cards, but they’re a bit more expensive), a little water, and watercolor. Or you need mixed media brushes and paper. towel.

I want to start off by saying you don’t need fancy watercolors for this either. A cheap set used by children will suffice. The colors may not be exactly the same, but the method is the same. Feel free to play around with mixing colors. Watercolor tubes cost about $6 to $10 each, depending on the brand. I usually try to buy them on sale. If you want something a little more fancy, you can buy one for around $26. Koi watercolor set; These are my favorite paints and I love to pack them when I travel.I made cards in two colors, aqua blue and gold. The gold comes in a tube, but you can replace it with another color if you only have a set. A natural bristle brush made for watercolor will give you the best results, but it is recommended for mixed media painting. Crafted brushes work as well. Do not use brushes made for acrylic paint. The fibers are synthetic and do not pick up pigment properly.

Step 1 DIY Watercolor Notecards

Painting with dry watercolors can be tricky. For best results, drip or spray water into the pan to soften hard paint for a few minutes before painting.

This is why our watercolors always looked a little ‘watery’ when we were kids. Scrub the dry paint with a damp brush and pick up the slightly damp stuff on top before the paint is ready.

Put the paint on the brush, keep it slightly flat and drag it in small wiggles along the length of the surface. Let the paint soak into the paper a bit before doing the next step. If you add too much water, you can blot up the excess paint with a paper towel.

Step 2 DIY Watercolor Notecards

For the second pass, reload the brush from your palette or paint set and repeat just below where you created the first squiggly line. Let it dry a bit again.

Step 3 DIY Watercolor Stationery

Do the same for the third line. As you can see, I left some white space for some slight tonal differences.

Step 4 Add gold paint to make DIY watercolor note cards

Then I added a gold stripe over the white part and added it again at the top to match the swell of the line.

For more watercolor techniques, how to paint evergreens

DIY note cards and envelopes

As it dried, I repeated the pattern I drew on the side of the envelope.

Make DIY watercolor notecards

Finish by adding letters with a gold pen and you’re done! Let dry overnight. If the paper is slightly wrinkled, you can put a heavy book on top to flatten it.

How to make DIY watercolor stationery

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive these watercolor notecards in the mail?

Beautiful agate pattern watercolor stationery

I like the blue and gold glitter, and it’s a very simple pattern to draw your own watercolor cards.Once you’ve mastered this technique, you can pick up a piece of watercolor paper and use it to create a beautiful original watercolor painting. . It looks similar to the agate acrylic painting I did a while ago. You can draw one too! Here are the full instructions.

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