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Our New Kitchen Finishes (& Why I Think It’s Important to Share Sources)

by Contributing Author

I’ve always said I’m not a gatekeeper. I know there are so many arguments on both sides of this debate and every designer is different on this front. I respect that implicitly. But I’ve always felt it’s important to share as much detail as possible with sources.

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I believe that good design is something that many people enjoy. And I know it’s not as easy as having a list of sauces and finishes on hand. So A lot goes into a well-designed space.And I don’t think my craft is watered down by sharing the details of how I personally do it. my Create art regardless of whether someone else is using the same tools.

If my source can help guide someone, Even if only slightly, I like beautiful things, but I don’t have the ability to work with designers, so I’m all the more happy. And if I could send my business to a vendor or supplier that I respect, heck, Better.

With that in mind, while waiting for the sconces to arrive*, I wanted to break down some of the final finishes in my new kitchen. It’s literally killing me, but I hope this gets me (we?) through in the meantime.

Since this is not our forever home, I wanted our kitchen to be widely appealing to future owners without sacrificing my own style and aesthetics. The house was built in 1898 and is chock-full of features (unstable floors, 10 inch baseboards, etc.). These details are important to me and what I wanted to keep while introducing the 21st century layers.

Kitchen renovations are a very expensive undertaking, so it was really important to me to focus on timeless classic kitchen finishes for items that would be difficult or expensive to switch out later. Cabinets, floors, and counters (I love our counter), it needed to be an item that appealed to the masses, knowing it would be used for years to come.

With these first layers nailed down, I was able to play with the finishing touches (my favourite).beautiful cabinet hardware M-Tech & Shayoubin the prettiest satin brass shades to help offset all the cool tones. A far easier one is where I had a special treat.

i love looking at these pictures. Because it really embodies the feel of the final kitchen openness. soon, I swear on my little finger. Full of joy! i am very happy think It’s all worth the wait.

*This is the last (backorder) item left before finally taking pictures of the kitchen. evident

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kitchen finish

Flooring: Fusionon | | Counter: Handstone Quartz, Montauk


Cabinet knob: SchaubSatin Brass | Cabinet Cup Pull: Schaubsatin brass
Cabinet latch: M-TechSatin Brass | Door Knobs & Rosettes: M-Tech
Wall hook: M-Tech


Wall Color: Benjamin Moore – AF-15 – vapor
Cabinet Color: Benjamin Moore – CC-460 – Inukshuk
Trim and Ceiling Color: Benjamin Moore – OC65 – Chantilly lace
Hallway (Accent) Color: Benjamin Moore – HC-168 – chelsea gray

fabrics, art and accessories

Bench fabric: tonic living| | Lag: Etsy
Art: A work I drew in high school, framed (similar frame)
green flower fabric: SWD studio | | Camel Floral Fabric: SWD studio
Ditsy Flower Fabric: SWD studio | | Plaid Fabric: SWD studio
Wooden spoon set: Amazon

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