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Our Main Floor & Kitchen Renovation: A Construction Update

by Contributing Author

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{Found 130-year-old wallpaper during kitchen renovation}

We have officially moved out of the house and have been doing a kitchen renovation for 4 weeks. The person who did – you can read it all here if you want) said it would take 5-6 weeks to complete. It’s rare that construction or kitchen renovations are done this way. Excited.

{Found layers of vintage vinyl flooring that I secretly love}

The hardwood floors came in, the floors were leveled, the plumbing, HVAC, and electricity were done as we spoke. I’m not saying that it brought surprises.

You may remember I said our kitchen was pretty slanted. I had to place the eggs strategically and they rolled off the counter.so we knew Something It was happening in the back corner of one of our houses. But when we opened up the space to investigate, we discovered that most of the back wall of the house had literally been shed over the years. was floating in the air and untethered. We are all shocked that a refrigerator has never fallen off the floor (really).

{Why our kitchen was so slanted, black and white: hmm}

I should have been stressed by this discovery, but I was strangely relieved. We knew something was up but finally got some answers so we could go ahead and fix everything. It’s been dealt with.I’m really excited to move on and know it’s no longer a concern. Luckily we knew that Something We had to get back there so that time would be taken into account at the start. Our contractor never missed a beat and luckily we were never late.

{Underfloor 130 years ago (& new apartment I love)}

In addition to that fun find, we also discovered a full-height basement space under the kitchen. I was always told that the kitchen was an addition and was built as a slab on the existing grade. This was completely new information as it meant there was no basement underneath. I’m sure it’s a place where ghosts hang out. My house is 130 years old. This is a very interesting find, and although this space is currently inaccessible, it may be possible to open it from below. This is something that we may investigate further at some point. A brand new room! I know who you are! But also I have so many questions. why are you on board? I’d also like to know… I’m also curious now as to what else our house is hiding.

{Find a basement full of heights you didn’t know existed}

Not much to see until this point, but we’re in the final stages of the project and all real Excitement is on me. I’ll be back for sure with more updates as things progress. just say the words.

{It’s hard to tell at this stage, but this is after a fair amount of work, ha}

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