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Our Kitchen Elevations

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Before I give you the details of the kitchen height, I apologize for the wait regarding the kitchen renovation. Life is pretty crazy here behind the scenes, I won’t lie! My focus was on taking a deep breath and prioritizing the importance of things while preserving peace and maintaining my mental health. Throw in some glorious holiday madness (and all the holiday content I didn’t miss posting). But no longer. Things are slowly getting back to normal, I have a lot to share and am excited to spill it all out ( number Further delays, pinky promises).

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We went back to our post-reno home in November and we’re 95% there but still not very end. It’s perfectly usable (which is pretty awesome), but as we speak, some items are still dripping and I’m getting more and more excited every time I tear up the package. Our new kitchen was already a dream come true. This is the brightest upgrade and we can’t wait to reveal it all.

Before we get into that, let’s step back a bit and give an overview of the design process. One of the mistakes I’ve made myself over the years is not treating my projects the same as my clients’ projects. I have mastered my process over the years. That’s why I didn’t cut corners or put effort into it this time. I really put a lot of time into the design and I can say it paid off (so far it’s not fair to say about other projects I’ve rushed at home, but I don’t regret it).

I’m a very visual person, so early in the kitchen design process, I put these together and scaled the kitchen elevation so I could get my thoughts down on paper. The perspective drawing I drew certainly helped solve the design (you can see it here!). But to really put your thoughts on paper, nothing beats scaling a color-rendered elevation. Weirdly enough, I found it especially helpful to visualize everything when putting together finishing details (accessories, art, and things of that nature). So, without further ado, here they are:

{north kitchen height}

{west kitchen height}

{south kitchen height}

My goal was to create a timeless, comfortable and welcoming space. Nearly finished (I’m sitting on the window bench talking, this is the best place in the house as far as I know). in real life. They have been such a great tool in my arsenal that helped me make decisions without fear.


faucet: DXVPolished Chrome | Soap Dispenser: DXVPolished Chrome | Sink: DXV | | Sconce: Lighting of the Houses of Parliament | | Image light: Lighting of the Houses of Parliament | | Refrigerator: kitchen aid | | Dishwasher: kitchen aid | | Stove: kitchen aid | | Flooring: Engineered | Hardwood, Fusion Outer Banks, Caravan | | Counter: Handstone Quartz, Montauk | | Cabinet pull: M-TechSatin Brass | Cabinet Knobs: SchaubSatin Brass | Cabinet | Latches: M-TechSatin Brass | Door Hardware: M-TechSatin Brass | Wall Hooks: M-Tech

Furniture, art and accessories:
Purchased table: Wayfair | | Bench cushion: Custom | Bench fabric: Tonic Living, B.rooks fabric | | Lag: Etsy | | Mold Oil Painting: Etsy | | Framed Art: mint | | Green Flower Pillow: SWD studio | | Camel Floral Pillow: SWD studio | | Ditsy Flower Pillow: SWD studio | | Plaid Pillow: SWD studio

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