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Our Dining Room Update

by Contributing Author

When you decide to pull the trigger on your kitchen renovation (You can find these details here if you need them), scope creep became a reality. Basically the whole main floor was flooded with new hardwoods, may Apply fresh paint all over.Plus, we were painting, so it made sense to work on updating the mini dining room in the meantime. a bit Now that we have more characters in this space, we felt it was the perfect time to try it out. I’m crazy.

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Aside from the new worked wood floors, these dining room updates didn’t make much of a difference as far as labor or financial impact is concerned. I’m surprised (You can check out the latest dining room iteration here.). I’ve been doing this whole interior design thing for nearly 20 years (how? !), the power of paint and siding is sure to amaze.

For a really long time, we weren’t sure if we were staying in this house for a while. that was meant.we not yet I don’t plan on staying here for long, but I really like the update to our little dining room. For me, this whole experience was a lesson in making meaningful changes to your home, even if you don’t think you’re going to stay forever.



Wall Color: Benjamin Moore – OC-17 – white dove
Ceiling and Trim Color: Benjamin Moore – OC65 – Chantilly lace
Flooring: Fusionon – Outer Banks – Caravan
Drape: Custom
Drape Hardware: tonic living
Crown: metry


art & accessories

art: Zoe Porowkcustom framed on the wall
Plate wall: old clothes, hanging use these are
Candlesticks: savings (resemble)
Candle: Amazon
Olive branch: Maggie & Company

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