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Our Candyland Halloween Costumes 2022

by Contributing Author

Happy Halloween from the Candyland crew!

We don’t mess around when it comes to family Halloween costumes. Over the years we’ve dressed up as everything from dolls and monsters to Peter Pan and ET characters! Luckily Greta, 12, is still doing well so we had a family meeting to brainstorm what this year should be Stormed. This year we’ve collected everything from bricks (Polly) to Hunger Games (Greta – we read all the books this year!) to people from Minecraft (Faye). We kept brainstorming and came up with something that everyone was personally really excited about: an original character from Candyland.

The best part about these family outfits is that they all come together with what we have purchased or already have. That’s what makes it so fun and magical.

Let’s take a closer look at this year’s Candyland Halloween costumes and how you can “get the look.”


Lord Licorice

queen frostin

Mr. Mint

Princess Lolly – Polly

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