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Organized Craft Room Pegboard Storage

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Add pegboard storage for a functional, beautiful and organized craft room.

Lavender pegboard to keep craft supplies organized

A few weeks ago, while helping clean up an old building donated to my parents’ non-profit, I found something very exciting.

In the back of the basement, behind the other things we were moving around, was a large old green pegboard.

An old green pegboard that is dusty and needs a makeover

I was going to throw it in the trash, but I knew it would be a great way to add much-needed storage to my craft room/home office, so I took it home and rescued it. , I had big plans!

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How to make pegboard storage for a cute craft room

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Step 1 – Gather supplies.

I had to collect all my tools before I could turn my ugly old green pegboard into the cute craft room storage of my dreams. And if you don’t have an old pegboard you salvaged from an older building, don’t worry. You can easily hook it up (and it probably looks a lot better than mine 😉).

Step 2 – Cut the pegboard to size if needed.

Once I gathered my supplies, I started by cutting down the Pegbird. This one was big and I wanted it to fit between the bookshelves in my new office, so I cut off a few inches here and there until it was just the right size.

donnie is circular saw Make clean straight lines so that the pegboard maintains a perfect rectangular shape.

Step 3 – Paint the pegboard.

After cleaning, it’s time to paint the pegboard! My craft room/home office will be a girl’s haven in a house full of boys, so I chose Behr’s Rosy Lavender.

Painting a green pegboard Behr Rosy Lavender using a small foam paint roller

For painting the pegboard, A small foam roller and a small paint tray(I think my favorite part is the rosy lavender drizzle on Donny’s sawhorse.

The pegboard was completely covered with two coats of paint and none of the olive tint it once had. I followed up the paint with two coats minwax polyacrylic Just to keep the paint from rubbing off when I add cute pegboard accessories.

A large pegboard painted bright lavender

Are you feeling better now? !

Step 4- Add frames.

Next, fit the frame into the pegboard. Like the one framed on the bathroom mirror, baseboard molding Cut to required dimensions.

used tree glue Glue the frame to the pegboard and secure with clamps to dry.

Pegboard frame attached with wood glue with clamps that secure the frame to the pegboard

Worried that he was running out of glue, Donnie unobtrusively attached the frame to the pegboard with wood screws from underneath.

Screws on the underside of the pegboard that secure it to the frame

Step 5 – Hang your beautiful pegboard!

When you’re sure the frame won’t fall off the pegboard, it’s time to hang it up!

I needed to make sure the pegboard was well supported so that it would stick firmly to the wall. I also needed to move it slightly away from the wall to make room for hanging accessories.

Donnie screwed two 1×4 boards into the wall studs to make sure they could hold the weight of the pegboard.

1x4 board hung on the wall to mount the pegboard

I then used flat wood screws to screw the pegboard into the crate behind it using the existing pegboard holes.

I applied a few coats of bright white paint to the trim and got the beautiful pegboard of my dreams.

Empty lavender pegboard with white frame hanging on wall in organized craft room/home office

Step 6 – Add accessories and get organized!

I had already decided which craft supplies to store on my pegboard and was looking for the perfect accessory to hold them.

Lavender pegboard holding crafts organized in home office

I used a small dowel stick to hold the ribbon and a small bucket of Target dollar spots with pegboard hooks to hold various writing instruments. My paint and modge podge baskets were from IKEA, but unfortunately they are no longer sold.

With so many cute pegboard accessories, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your belongings! Here are some favourites…

Favorite pegboard accessories

Organized Craft Room Pegboard Storage: Final Thoughts

Let’s look before and after:

Pegboard makeover before and after photos

Quite different, right? ! I am so excited about my new pegboard storage! It will make you think about other places you can use pegboards to organize in the future.

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Organized Pegboard Storage: Frequently Asked Questions

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How to make a custom pegboard

Have you ever used a pegboard for your organization? Any tips?

Abby Lawson of Abby Organizes, justagirlandherblog.com

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here for more details.

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