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One Reason People Don’t Get a Feng Shui Consultation by Kartar Diamond

by Contributing Author

Many times I have had potential clients book a consultation with me and then cancel before meeting. Because they are sober.

Unfortunately, some people get the mistaken impression that having a feng shui expert in their home means they have to move a lot of furniture. For many people, especially small working spaces, Furniture like beds in bedrooms can only be placed in one direction.

Still, this rarely happens in a genuine traditional Feng Shui audit. Because most people have common sense and arrange their furniture in a way that naturally accommodates good “chi flow”, accessibility, circulation and ventilation. You may have arranged furniture. For example, I once went to a client’s house where their two daughters shared a small bedroom. We placed one of the single beds in line with the room door. This can cause sleep disturbances. Moving one of the girls’ beds wasn’t necessary as there was enough space to create a protective “footboard” with a small toy shelf at the end of the bed.

Moving furniture is so rare when I recommend a drastic change in the function of a room that only one instance stands out in my memory from decades ago.I had a client who had a 3 bedroom house. Her one of the extra bedrooms served as her office, and her other one was the guest bedroom, where she hardly ever set foot. I explained to her that the guest bedroom has a much better energy for business success. oppose. And she made sure her own business wasn’t doing well.For her, planning her room switch was a big challenge. The main reason is that if a guest turns her bedroom into an office, they will need an extra outlet. If she had absolutely resisted changing offices, I would have encouraged her to make her current office as positive and productive as possible.

Best of all, we never ask our clients to move or rearrange any furniture in their homes. Instead, most of the time we come across spaces that are devoid of natural elements that could easily be added to a room.in fact i believe Known for providing practical, affordable and discreet solutionsAnd what are the “elements” I’m referring to? Traditional feng shui uses the “Five Elements” to strengthen or weaken energies. These elements are water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

My website has a pdf file dedicated to each element with a photo example. One of her recent annual renewal clients needed to place a water feature such as a fountain at the entrance to her living room for three different reasons. Water in certain parts of her home can help her music career, attract more romantic opportunities, and prevent back and leg problems. That meant I didn’t have to buy a whole new living room set, change the room’s features, or rearrange things in the room. The region simply lacked the necessary elements. Determining the required elements is a non-trivial process and involves calculations based on when the structure was built and compass alignment. What if I came to your house and found that your bedroom needed metal elements and all the furniture in the room was made of wood? It is recommended that you keep items made of Simple!

Another client heard that I might suggest a completely different decorating theme for her house, so she canceled at the last minute. Feng Shui theory has no opinion on the “style” or “theme” of a home. However, we pay attention to color. If you like bold colors on your walls and it can be a problem, there are usually measures you can add discreetly to neutralize the impact. We generally don’t need to hard sell on recommending changes because we know you’re already experiencing predictable results. And if there’s a general code of ethics that anyone in my field should respect, it’s that residents shouldn’t feel forced to do things they don’t want to do. it’s your home It’s your castle. have understood.

I have to say that we may consider the client’s personal compatibility with their living space based on their birth data. If I end up suggesting to live in a different desk position or a different part of the house, these are just suggestions, not orders. Clients have their own priorities when it comes to health, relationships, or careers, and make changes that matter to them..

Author: Carter Diamond

Company: Feng Shui Solutions

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