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Numerology For The Universal Year 7 In 2023

by Contributing Author

Today, my sister, Nicole Claudutt, shares the numerology of Universal Year 7, the number of 2023. She can get many of the related energy modalities she mastered if she wants to work on numerology with her. Please contact us at dana@fengshuidana.com and we will put you in touch. So let Nicole lead you to Universal Year 7!

In numerology, each year carries an overarching energy or vibration that overlies populations around the world. The Universal Year numbers represent the energies we operate in, revealing the most favorable ways to take action and manifest in the coming year.

The upcoming Universal Year is the number 7. This calculation is derived by adding all the single digits of the number 2023. , spiritual and independent. The energy of number 7 is revelatory. Deception and dishonesty are exposed, authenticity and truth are respected and upheld. The vibrations of number 7 have unparalleled depth and courage. Because it tries to understand what lies beneath the surface at first glance. It also questions personal beliefs and values ​​that may be holding you back from moving forward. This requires being open, less judgmental, and more understanding to all the answers that emerge.

Knowledge, intuition and spirituality reign supreme!

If there’s a theme you’ve always wanted to delve into… jump in! Our personalized knowledge base is clear, powerful, and self-supporting. Building on what we know and understand is our personal expression, which in itself is our core. What we choose to know and learn connects us deeply to our likes, motivations and passions.

This year calls on all of us to step more and more into a true version of ourselves, to honor and listen to our own inner guidance, nudges and intuition. Actions driven by the Compass move us in a personal way, a way that aligns us with our highest potential. It requires an unwavering faith in yourself and a reverence for the subtle energies of the universe that propel you forward.

So how can we have more flow in this very rich energy?

Unlocking beliefs that hold you back:

Our unconscious minds have limiting beliefs. Our interpretation of painful experiences (perhaps from childhood) and the meanings we develop about ourselves and/or the world from those experiences shape what we perceive to be possible in ourselves. Formed into the beliefs that determine, they can create a glass ceiling to our potential.

What are your limiting beliefs? A great way to figure this out is to remember what you want to do or want to work on but haven’t started yet. What is the reason or justification for not doing this particular thing? You can also feel free to write or journal about areas of your life where you are frustrated by not getting what you want. Examine your reasoning as to why you don’t have one.

Once you have faith, you can ask yourself the following questions:

What purpose does this belief serve in my life? Even the most restrictive beliefs can serve us in positive ways. Did this belief motivate you to try harder? Did it make you more conscientious? Have you pivoted towards a decision you made with gratitude?

How are you currently blocking what you want? Is this belief draining your energy? Does it create fear? stress?

Now find the evidence that denies that truth. For example, if you have a limiting belief that you’re not good enough, write down examples of when you were good at something. These beliefs can always be refuted and are never 100% true.

Align with personal values

Our values ​​are a key component of how we think, make decisions, and ultimately how we navigate our lives. They are one of the many things that make each of us unique and special, and acting along them creates personal honor and self-confidence, and builds self-worth. Some of our values ​​have been instilled in us through our families, teachers and society. Personal values ​​can change over time as we grow and evolve.

What are your personal values ​​at this point in your life? Do you value generosity, courage, family time, laughter, and friendships?

A great tip for understanding your true worth is to look to the people around you who you admire the most. Do you like to rely on your friends? their generous nature? Their childlike spirit? Optimism?

Also, can you see what types of stories inspire you? Are you drawn to stories about kindness and giving gifts to those in need? Stories of personal triumph touch you deeply. do you

Once you’ve created your list of values, brainstorm ways to live your values ​​better throughout the day.

gain wisdom and skill

It’s a great time to learn more about the subjects you love, and Universal 7 Years is the ideal time to delve deeper into these topics.

Love learning, but have you just scratched the surface? Can you get more books on the subject, or join in-person or online classes to learn more?

Spending time each day immersed in an engaging subject creates a greater connection with yourself and is a huge generator of passionate energy.

When you feel inspired, you can take this to the next level and apply this wisdom to your life.

You can ask yourself: How can we be inspired by this wisdom to act in our daily lives? Whether it’s growing a garden or practicing mindfulness… whatever it is, find inspiration in the wisdom that attracts you, unleash your creativity, and live each day to the fullest. Please find a way.

Intuition and Inner Guidance

Staying calm, focused and grounded is one of the first steps towards reaching higher guidance. This drowns out the chatter in your head and allows pure intuitive insight to flow in.

Here’s one great way to get an intuitive yes/no answer.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Get into a comfortable position and place one hand over your heart and the other on your forehead. Start taking comfortable slow breaths. Do it fast enough to put your body in a relaxed state without tensing or making you feel uncomfortable. Imagine the flow of your breath in and out of the center of your heart. You can do this for about a minute.

When you feel focused and relaxed, make a conscious choice to connect with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, God/Source energy, or what you believe to be the highest and purest energy available to you. Next, say your question out loud (or to yourself) three times and feel the sensations in your body. A “no” is usually indicated by tension and tension in the area, while a “yes” is usually a feeling of spaciousness and openness. You may feel a release of tension. To test this, ask yourself a non-negotiable “no” question and see how it applies to you.

Taking this a step further allows you to ask deeper questions and hear insights, visions and downloads. Keep a journal nearby and write down everything you see, hear, or feel.

I wish you happiness, love and prosperity in the coming year!

much love,


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