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Nine Star Ki for Kids by Kartar Diamond

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For those unfamiliar with the art of divination known as nine star qi (or nine qi), we have several other articles on this topic that describe it as a metaphysical formula that precedes feng shui. The “ki” part is the Japanese word “chi” or “chi”. Pronounced “key”. It originated from the foundations of Chinese metaphysics that were accepted into Japanese culture, and was further developed and discovered in the last few centuries by the Japanese masters of nine qi.

Nine Star Qi explores the naturally recurring cycles of human life and the tendencies during these cycles, to the extent that it can be classified as a predictive tool for not only the individual, but global events. The various forms of traditional astrology are not similar to each other, such as comparing them to Chinese astrology and Vedic astrology.

2023 can be seen as a 4th Jupiter year as a little “taste” of the Nine Stars in world affairs.it is called “”rasho trendThis article was written only a few weeks into the Four Star Year, but there are already events that symbolize the Four Stars and are interpreted in the Nine Kis. His four stars of nine qi (not feng shui) are associated with air, breathing, airways, airplanes and spacecraft. Similarly, 4 stars are associated with missiles or projectiles. Already in the news in February, we’re talking about impending world wars, Chinese spy balloons, and other “UFOs.” This does not rule out that the strange objects floating around the country could be his UAF (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). A new clean term for UFOs.

2023 global chart juxtaposes 5 stars (strange events, disasters) with 3 stars (trains), Ohio releases toxic chemicals into the air like Chernobyl A train derailment has occurred. This is a combination of 3 and 5 star influences combined with 4 stars related to breathing and “wind” or air.

On a personal level, many of the events and situations that can be observed or tracked in Kuki relate to adults and the typical things that adults are interested in., whether it’s a relationship, career, or health issue. For example, many of my Nine Star Ki clients are baby boomers. Health problems, even the timing of hospitalizations, often coincide with the monthly chart of Kyusei Qi.

But what about children? Can similar analyzes be done for newborns, children, or teenagers? I had several of my first nine Ki clients request readings of their own children and grandchildren. There have sometimes been real concerns about their well-being as they struggle with health problems, cognitive issues, and other concerns that a loving family member can be expected to have.

Within the Kyuseiki system, there are peculiar “numbers” in the calculations. This relates to the main energies that affect a person for most of his life. It is called the “adult” star and is based on the year the person was born. But there are also “children” stars based on the month in which a person was born. All of these “star” references go back to astronomy and past times when astronomy and astrology were practiced in complementary ways.

Theoretically, a child or moon star has more influence on a person at a young age. In fact, my nine-star teacher told me that if you track child stars, not adult stars, you can see the correlation of missing child cases in the news. Stars can represent the forces of elements such as water, wood, and earth. Will the child be found in the water, buried in the ground, or found alive trapped in a wooden hut? These are just a few examples that can symbolize things. This also happens in Chinese astrology, such as when Master Raymond Roe published his analysis on the death of Princess Diana. Her natal chart indicated that she could die “under the earth.” Inside the tunnel is “underground” (like concrete).

That said, it can be a little confusing to know what makes a big difference in reading charts. By way of comparison, in Feng Shui practice, each person is identified as a specific “trigram” based on their year of birth, and also based on their specific astrological sign. in year of birth. These distinctions take immediate effect in a young person’s life, and may even determine things like the best sleeping orientation or the best position for learning.

My mentor discouraged me from accepting a request to do an analysis of my children. Many of the symbols in this system are related to adult interests and opportunities. For example, in the Nine Stars Qi, the 7 Metal Stars are often associated with financial transactions, banking transactions, and obtaining or giving loans as one of the common interpretations associated with money matters. How many children will have this relevant in their lives? Almost none. And that’s true for all stars, and you’ll find that children are less likely to have these concerns and events when they’re younger.

Of course, there are situations in which star pairings can predict something child-related. I was able to see the possible locations.

The lives and activities of newborns and young children are still under the guidance, protection and “karma” of their parents.For a while, I did not encourage or accept the reading of the Nine Kis to my children. had. I didn’t want to be rejected or disappointed, so I created a modified kyusei qi reading using only information that I thought was relevant for parents to find out about their child. Small children, or even teenagers, have little control over what they do and where they go, so we omitted monthly progressive charts in this year’s analysis. They don’t make important decisions for themselves, and they don’t approximate what her day as an adult will involve.

I was amazed at the joy and satisfaction of tailoring. mini nine star reading For a client’s new-born granddaughter, we reveal her personality in her youth in comparison to who she might grow up to be. Speculation about the potential relationship between the two was also included in the analysis.

If this sounds like the kind of esoteric reading you’d like one of your young family members to have, please get in touch with me. This is a very useful attempt for me to continue my research and research on kyusei qi. Nothing beats real case studies.

Author: Carter Diamond

Company: Feng Shui Solutions ®

From the Kyuseiki blog series

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