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Nine Star Ki for 2023, Year of the Water Rabbit

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Happy Lunar New Year!just welcomed year of the rabbit.

Lunar New Year also means New Nine Star Qi Forecast! Nine Star Qi is a form of numerology related to the Feng Shui Bagua, Five Elements and I Ching, and is one of the basic tools I teach. my feng shui studentsUnderstanding the Nine Star Chi helps you understand what kinds of energies are coming to you. So you can prepare yourself to stay balanced and supportive in the new year.

How to Calculate Your 9 Star Number

To calculate your principal number, add the digits of your year of birth until you get a single digit and subtract it from 11. If you were born between January 1st and her February 4th, subtract that number. From 12 instead. Here are some examples:

For those born in 1986:

Addition: 1+9+8+6 = 24

Reduce to one digit: 2+4 = 6

Subtract from 11: 11-6 = 5

*For those born between January 1st and February 4th, subtract from 12: 12-6 = 6

For those born in 1940:

Addition: 1+9+4+0 = 14

Reduce to one digit: 1+4 = 5

Subtract from 11: 11-5 = 6

*For those born between January 1st and February 4th, subtract from 12: 12-5 = 7

Energy forecast for 2023

The key numbers we calculated above will help you know what kind of energy you can expect in the Year of the Rabbit.

If the principal number is 1, 2022 will be the year of germination. This year will be the time of sowing. When you sow seeds in your garden, more seeds will sprout than you need. Please do so again this year. Take all your ideas out into space and share them with others. Sow the seeds and see what happens! Water 1 is slow to move, but determined. The wisdom and resourceful nature of water helps soften the soil for the final seed to grow.

If your principal number is 2, 2023 will be your germination year. This year will be energetic and full of new beginnings as you see the seeds you planted last year sprout and begin to grow. Be open to new ideas and foster projects to start at this time. 2 It’s earth, so sprouting can be a little scary. Embrace these baby ideas and new ways of being that are emerging in you, and use your naive nature to support them and keep them strong.

If your principal number is 3, 2023 will be a year of rapid growth. This year, following last year, we can see the shoots grow into firmly rooted trees. This year will be another busy and active year, so please take care of yourself and be careful not to burn out. As a 3 Wood person, you will be excited to take things forward and grow. Take your foot off the gas for a bit and make sure your goals are still aligned and heading in the right direction.

If your principal number is 4, 2023 will be a year of change. This year is a time of renewal and renewal, so it feels a little chaotic. You may have to reinvent yourself this year. It’s a great time to let go of things that no longer serve you. As a 4 Wood, you can be confused or a little frustrated, but your calm and outgoing nature helps you weather problems gracefully. Think of this year as an opportunity to discover something new.

If your principal number is 5, 2023 will be your year of prosperity. You will feel strong and prosperous this year. You will start to feel confident and be recognized for your knowledge and skills. It still takes a lot of work, but you will finally reap the fruits of your efforts. (and that’s what you love most). You are the boss and you can make things happen.

If your principal number is 6, 2023 will be a year of celebration. This year feels festive and playful. It’s a great time to relax and congratulate yourself for all the hard work you’ve put in over the last few years. Enjoy, rejoice, enjoy. 6 As metal, you will feel happy and contented this year. It’s a good time to discover your darker side. Don’t feel like you need to keep trying. This energy supports you.

If your Principal Number is Metal 7, 2023 will be the year of silence. This year will be much quieter than last year. It’s a time of tranquility, like climbing a mountain and meditating alone. This is a great time to focus inward and do some self-development. As a 7-metal person, you appreciate a quieter energy, but the silence may feel strange at first. please.

If your principal number is 8, 2023 will be your award year. This year you will be in a house on fire. There you have the best chance of being seen and recognized by others. It’s a great opportunity to receive promotions and other projects you want to promote. Be aware that everything, good or bad, can be exposed. As an Earth 8 person, being in the limelight can be uncomfortable, but you have a strength of character that is well-presented. Be open and say yes to being seen.

If your principal number is 9, 2023 will be the year of planning. It’s a quiet, planning time this year. In winter, everything may seem dead on the surface, but there is a lot of life and activity underneath. Likewise, it may feel slow, but take this time to reflect, review, and plan for the future. As 9 Fire, this year may feel completely different. Calm and quiet energies are not natural to your fiery nature, but remember that everything needs contrast to find balance. It is necessary to reorganize and dive inside to discover what movement is.

Please note that these numbers change cyclically, so the energies you experience this year are not forever. Do not forget that

If you want to know more about what’s coming next year, check it out Our Nine Star Podcast, Chinese zodiac predictions by animaland mindful design 2023 Energy Reset Package!If you need more help in the Year of the Rabbit, 2023 feng shui charm.

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