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New Moon In Gemini 2023 Feng Shui!

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Gemini New Moon 2023 Feng Shui!
Dana’s Tao

The Gemini New Moon on June 18, 2023 is filled with practical magic to help you achieve your wildest dreams.

It’s time to express yourself more, find balance, open your mind, keep your feet on the ground, and gain the strength to make the biggest leaps in your life.

Everything about the Gemini Feng Shui New Moon is here!

PS: This season, an 8-week online Feng Shui camp is coming soon to help you organize and energize your home and life and create breakthroughs. Amazing camp!

it’s feng shui Energize and organize your home and life by becoming You will be able to achieve more of what you want at a higher level, easier and more than ever before.

You can start your FREE Feng Shui Manifesto class today! Packed with innovative Feng Shui rituals that will energize and breakthrough your home. And it only happens a few days each year.

If you’re ready for a breakthrough, there’s a breakthrough for you too.

XO XO! ! !

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