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New Design Books for Your Coffee Table

by Contributing Author

To make you miss the feel of holding a magazine, or to go back and enjoy pages of beautiful interiors, here are some new ones design book You might want to add it to your coffee table this fall. These books can be a bit of an investment, so I especially like books by designers I already know and whose work I love, or a lot of great photography that I hope to learn over time. Find a book. And a clean cover is always a plus.

Celebrating Home: A Seasonal Time James T. Farmer A page of beautiful tablescapes and decoration inspiration throughout the year. Perfect for those who like their hosts and fans of James’ traditional Southern style.

Establishing a Home: Creating Space for Beautiful Living with Family, Faith, and Friends Gene Stoffer I’m a big fan of Jean’s work and have been following her online for years. Along with beautiful images of her designs, Jean talks about how her career took an unexpected path that ultimately led to her show on Magnolia on her network.

South Home Veranda: Rethinking Interior Design By Stephanie Hunt. It features 27 Southern homes by familiar designers such as Mark D. Sikes, Bunny Williams, and personal favorite Caroline Gidiere.

Parisian by Design David Jimenez I love his layered and collected style, especially his Paris apartmentIn addition to images to study over and over again, he shares tips for setting the table and decorating in Parisian style.

house beautiful live colorfully Joe Saltz Whether you love decorating with color or want to use more in your home, this book will inspire you with just about every shade. Filled with colorful images and interior designer tips on how to combine and choose paints.

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