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Neutral Christmas Decor – Entryway Vignette

by Contributing Author

Can you go holiday season without cozy inspiration in your entryway? We weren’t there, but this nook is still here, so it’s a great time to make it a little cozier for the holidays. It showcases a collection of traditional reds, golds and greens that can be dialed down to very neutral Christmas decorations. We aim to inspire through design and décor because we help you regain your sanity. For our little vignette we combined some unique items, antiques and new decor. It was necessary to create a cozy and neutral Christmas corner in the …

I anchored the space with this antique drawer piece that I had kept for future renovations and kept it here while I waited. We had this drawer piece in a few different places in our house. It’s extremely versatile and one of our favorites. Not only is it beautiful, it’s also great for storage. There are several items for DIY, candles, and even Copey toy storage. Taxidermy is not for everyone, but large mirrors, architectural structures, large artworks, or gallery walls are excellent alternatives to this antique taxidermy. I feel a connection with the work. Because I feel that nature is the most beautiful work of art of all. When I see them in antique shops, I feel the need to give them a good home…

I sprinkled some ornaments on this vignette to add a festive Christmas touch. It’s going to be a great winter decoration! [HERE] A collection of ornaments that are perfect for looks like this and can be stacked in a bowl or, of course, on a tree. more with them. A small lamp gives off a perfect little porch light at night and is a great way to balance the eye against the heavy weight of the mount. But if you don’t have a lot of lighting or a space with a lot of suction, it’s a great way to reflect more light into the space. of lighting. It’s also very handy when you need to take a peek at yourself before you walk out the door. & Of course, some antique mirrors also add some character, texture, and interest to the space.

We filled the space with a few smaller collections that bring a neutral rustic texture that complements the pieces and mounts. Some old ledgers and journals, linen diaries. Surprisingly, here lies a hidden vintage-inspired journal. So if you find yourself isolated from all things old, don’t count online shops for vintage-inspired items.

As we focus on a more neutral Christmas decor look, we incorporate many natural textures, like natural linen, to add texture to vintage leather club chairs that are heavily sheep fur. We picked up these wonderful worn vintage leather club chairs from the annual Found Cottage Mercantile Market held each Labor Day. I found fur while looking for antiques a few years ago. I love paying homage to the sheep here on the farm while breaking the silhouette and overall visual weight of the leather chair.

Put this all together and you have a beautiful, cozy and neutral Christmas decorated foyer waiting to welcome the next guest. You can get the perfect winter decor look that lasts all the way into spring. Thank you for visiting my blog every other day. He really means a lot to us here at White Cottage Farm. Thank you for your continued support. Instagram, FacebookWhen tick tockCozy stay!

xx Liz Marie

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