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Netflix Series “Explained” References The Healthy Home Economist

by Contributing Author

netflix series explained References research on Sugar in the Raw brands published in The Healthy Home Economist.

Hello everybody…

We would like to share some exciting news with you!

Information from my research published here in The Healthy Home Economist Netflix show “Explained”.

A fan of your blog’s FB page gave me a clue…Thanks to Rebecca W. for a lovely surprise today 🙂

The episode mentioned is the episode titled “Sugar” from Season 3.

They used the brand Sugar in the Raw and my research on how this product wasn’t raw at all.

Even more insidious, Sugar in the Raw contains only a tiny amount of minerals compared to completely no white sugar. Untreated Evaporated Sugar (Sukanat) It contains.

This is a prime example of false marketing that misleads consumers about the wrong product.

Reference from 19:17 (season 3, episode “Sugar”)

What did you think when you saw this program?

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